As soon as the escort party of King Shahryar was refreshed and ready to return King Shahzaman ordered his own party to pack necessary baggage for his convenience, presents for his brother, and the order of the long journey. Thereafter he went to his queen to take leave. The Queen shed tears and so did he. With a heavy heart he set out accompanied by the escort party sent from King Shahryar.


The royal messenger from King Shahryar was quickly let in by the Keeper of the City Gates. With due solemnity he and his escort party were brought to the Court of King Shahzaman. In Samarkhand King Shahzaman never appeared in public but he had his body double who received the message from King Shahryar. Was he nervous to receive the letter? Nervously he read it and keeping a very kingly appearance ordered his Vazir to take the visitors to their quarters to await the kings reply. He straightaway went to the king who was in his chamber and he read out the message from his elder brother. The king was elated but also troubled. He doted on his young queen and he spent most of the time in her company. He was what one calls,- because of his excess fondness, as uxorious, and was loath to be away for long from her company. But his brother whom he worshiped and whom he had not seen for some 20 years he could not refuse. Having informed his queen he decided to accompany the escort party of his brother at the earliest.

Human cells make up only 43% of the body’s total cell count. The rest are microscopic colonists. It is a micro-biome that includes bacteria, viruses, fungi and single-celled archaea. The human genome – the full set of genetic instructions for a human being – is made up of 20,000 instructions called genes. But add all the genes in our micro-biome together and the figure comes out at between two million and 20 million microbial genes. It’s known as the second genome and is linked to diseases including allergy, obesity, inflammatory bowel disease, Parkinson’s, whether cancer drugs work and even depression and autism. I included this piece of news from the field of Science to show what we call human where boundaries are fluidal; and our rational thinking is neither open and shut nor complete as we would like to believe. We rationalize at one on impulses that no one can tell where it has begun or it will end. As evidence of it we have conscious and unconscious halves that our brain represents. It is in our inability the matter of faith for a Christian draws certainty. We are not making assertion on blind trust of our abstract thinking or in what we observe as a world outside. We are neither in control of one nor other to be correct.

When the Bible asserts, ’God created the heaven and the earth’ we believe it as true. Considering man in terms of biology is composite we can infer from the statement ‘And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of his life…(Ge.2:7)’. His living soul is bequeathed by courtesy of God and material body in the light of earlier statement of the earth. Consider dust as a catch-all for micro-biome. In the light of the facts supplied by the Scripture and Science do we see heaven and earth as separate or as one? Our faculties operate for which what instructions are set in us owe to God as well as to our forefathers. Thus faith is not what we employ by our reason but sound reasoning when it has a transcendental quality of a high authority, as it were. It always shall transcend merely what our human side informs. Patriarch Abraham would not have left Haran merely because there were series of migration at that time to the land of Canaan. He believed when God prompted him to leave his kith and kin. “ …Also He hath set the world in their hearts so that no man can find out the work that maketh from the beginning to the end.(Eccl.3:11)”The opening verse of the Book of Genesis, “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth,” means exactly what it says.

The royal messenger with an escort party set out that night; furiously they rode hard and they passed hostile and peaceable terrain and the royal insignia let them pass through unmolested. At last they reached the city gates of Samarkhand by dawn.

On 2017 California wildfires were in the news. In the month of December powerful winds spread Southern California fires to destroy at least 175 structures and forced more than 27,000 evacuations. These high winds even have a name. Called the Santa Anas, the dry winds typically hit in late fall and are infamous in the Golden State.

California’s biggest and deadliest fires have been propelled by Santa Ana winds, which can gust to 100 mph (161 km/h). That wind speed makes smothering fires nearly impossible, said Chief Daniel Berlant, assistant deputy director the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, which is best known as Cal Fire. “In many cases, it’s all we can do just to try to control the path of the fire, trying to keep it away from people and homes,” Berlant said. “Stopping a fire when wind is 50, 60, 70 miles per hour is almost not possible.”

He added, “These fires burn into anything that’s in their path. A wind-driven fire is like a freight train, and stopping a freight train on a dime doesn’t happen.”

Helicopters can’t drop water or flame retardants in high winds, he said, because the gusts blow the liquids away.

Santa Anas also dry out trees, shrubs and grasses, turning them into tinder and spreading the blaze, he said.

“It’s the winds that spread the embers and fan the fire,” Berlant said. “That makes the fire burn fast and jump ahead, as embers fly in the high wind.”Santa Anas occur when high pressure over the Great Basin — a vast swath of Nevada, Utah and California — compresses air, cooking it, Cal Fire Captain Mike Mohler said.

That hot air then pushes southwest toward the coast.

“Our temperatures skyrocket,” Mohler said. “Humidity decreases down to single digits.”Climate change factors also play a role. What we see now is the same old story. ((Ack:By Anne C. Mulkern, E&E News/dec.6,2017)

Right now, on the outskirts of Redding, a rampaging wildfire is doing something that was once unusual: It’s burning fast…downhill.

“Fires are burning almost as fast downhill as they burn uphill,” said Cal Fire spokesman Scott McLean, from the scene of the Carr Fire, which by midday Friday had torched more than 44,000 acres and was only 3 percent contained.

That’s not typical. One of the first things wildland firefighters learn is that fires burn much faster uphill.

It’s simple physics: heat rises, so the heat from the fire warms and dries out the upslope fuels fastest. It’s also a case of proximity: if you draw a picture of a flame on a slope, you’ll see that there’s a much shorter distance between flame and ground on the uphill side than downhill, so the fire can jump directly from one blade of grass to another.Rapidly spreading downhill fires also played a major role in last winter’s Thomas Fire. It coincided with the longest Santa Ana wind event on record, according to Nauslar of the Wine Country fires. (Ack: Allie Weill, KQED science /PBS.org of July 28,2018)
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King Shahryar dictated the letter to his Vazir who set a messenger to leave for Samarkhand the same night. The old Vazir knew the king’s order brooked no delay.

I hope to post the well known stories from the Arabian Nights in a comic strip format. This is intended for all ages. Since I do not think time is on my side I shall clean up many details merely to keep the story moving without sacrificing main events. Speed is of essence.
Thus many centuries ago Sultan Shahryar of Idumenid family, having consolidated power sat on the throne, enjoying the splendor and riches of his empire. He was a monarch of immense power. But after 20 years felt he missed his younger brother Shahzaman who was given the charge of Samarkhand. More he thought of his youth he missed him all the more. So he called for his Vazir.