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I read the news Oh boy it was on prime-time news oh boy

What can you say when you know some one is dead?

It makes me feel sad,

Why, why, why, Madibah

Why, why, why, Madibah?


Did you lose the fight or death lost his bite

When the whole world think you are one of them?


At break of day we grieve the loss and by noon it’s no less;

You have come in each of us something of a hope


Death can’t put that out

Your death has given us something of a fight oh boy

Why why why Madibah

Why why why Madibah


So when unjust laws come in the midnight

To take us to depths of hell do I make a stand or run?

When they crack their whips, they split open our hides oh,oh

We haven’t a thing to make them go as you showed us.


You left not your spirit

Oh boy we will have to carry on just the same.

Why why why Madibah

Why why why Madibah?







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“Logjam of flowers fallen,
And bruised by brutal winds,
Never more seek when or why
It must be so:
You did caress the wind once
And your fragrance for all
Freely bestowed;
Now oblivion of time has tossed
All foul and fair to be spent,-
Never mind our sighs,
We shall also walk to our rest.”

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