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A material universe that we know holds four dimensions. Length, breadth, height and time must be equally brought into play in order to make sense. Our cosmos has no center as such but in order to fix a star we use triangulation method. But is that all there is to Cosmos? Dogs make sense of the world by their smell, and it enables them to grasp essentials. Their acute sense touches on different dimensions than that we are qualified to know. Elephants communicate at a wave length that our ear cannot grasp.(However we can make precise equipments to catch it and decipher for us.) Dogs and horses can sense far in advance of earthquake or some other danger, which when it occurs cause damage to us. But then it was not our priority since these quakes are few and far in between.
For us abstract thinking held more importance since we are social animals. We gave up certain advantages other animals have in order to fine tune our rational thinking. Thus when one speaks of God or Truth in absolute terms reason keeps its antenna up. ‘Oho, hold your horses! My carriage can only go by rails of reason and not gallop over the dales and hills.’

Thus man works with four dimensions, and reason can yield much sharper focus on his material universe. Rather than mastering so many dimensions we gave them up in order to get a sharp snapshot of our world. It is like projecting the physical map of the earth on two dimensions. You get all the geographical details, continents, oceans, archipelagos rivers etc. If one wants to map the ocean floor ridges trenches etc. it will be quite something else. This is a trade off. According to our specific needs we have interpreted the earth differently.

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A principle is the ultimate basis for our actions.
The correspondence principle exists on account of the fact same matter is the basis for life forms and our universe. At the level of atoms we are all one. Using material nature as the key we create some semblance of order out of cosmic events. (What we observe in our visible universe provides grist to our intellectual mill.)
Oneness is the template from which we correspond micro cosmos with macro cosmos however infinite it may be. Thus any idea that we tease out of Idea we consider as valid. Being finite and unable to work effectively with Time-Space what scale shall we adopt? Only thing that we can commend for such a measure is that the correspondence principle works. Yes to our time and place.
Thus we hold certain values as constant. Energy is constant. Another is Truth.  Absolutism is what gives our principles its validity. When one says God is our father we draw the conclusion using correspondence principle. Reverence to one who has given life to us is in the fitness of things. Truth is perceived as inherent in such an earthly conduct towards our parents. In Correspondence principle the equation of idea to Idea can only be changed in the idea and not in what is Absolute. A parent as giver of life is an idea so is God as the father. Nevertheless how we let the principle shape our conduct can only change our view of Idea not other way about.

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