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This Soul Thing

I can’t read a man by his gait;

Nor I am much for Iris by the gate

I see the eye and my blinking stare 

sees not her iris but smile;

I can’t tell least of my soul

though my very life I swear.

All that colors the world wears and

Holds promises never meant to keep

I know I must see through with Intent.

Intent is but wind unless I prove it

By deeds that speak best for me.

Only my deeds have I to discern

the verity of Soul : I swear by it.



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Angel Abdiel conducted the seraph to the Gates of Paradise and knocked. Gabriel who manned the Gates wanted to know why the seraph from Pandemonium was there. Abdiel said,’ He is from Pandemonium but he has had a change of heart.’
Abdiel was sure that a look at God, the father would convince him the error of his ways. Gabriel let him in.
Abdiel flew in followed close at heels by the seraph. They went round and round and in the end the seraph asked: ‘Where is God whose image we worship in Pandemonium?’
Abdiel said,’ Why his image?’
‘Man is made in his image. So is written. So he must have an image.’ The Angel replied, ‘You must be really fom Pandemonium. So many sects each interpreting the Word after his fashion can be dizzying. I can understand that.’ But Abdiel was sure that he got it all wrong.
He explained man was created in the nature of God. The seraph shook his head violently as though it were a preposterous suggestion. Abdiel tried another tack. ‘The will of man,- from where did he get that?’
‘You mean man was created in the image of divine Will?
‘Of course.’
But then man was expelled from God?’
‘Why not?’ Abdiel asked,’ Adam thought his will was greater than that of God?
The seraph fell silent. Then it dawned on him and he asked, ‘So Paradise is only for those who remain within his Will?
In the end seraph asked timidly,’ Can I remain then here?’
Abdiel turned to him and fixed his eyes on him. He said,’You really mean it?’
At that there was a whirlwind and it became a light breeze. Abdiel whispered ,’There is the Lamb slain before the foundation of the worlds,- with the book of Life.’ The seraph didn’t know what was going on. He saw nothing.Neither the lamb or Son of man but the luminous outline of a scroll in which he saw his own name. His own name!
‘I see my own name!’ He asked in a bustle, ‘when was this written?’
Abdiel said casually,’Before the worlds began. It was in the will of God, you know.’
Seraph felt a thrill:’So my coming here was determined even before we set out?’
‘Sure.’ Abdiel said,’You coming to see him was,- what shall I say, placing your will subordinate to his.’
‘So the divine Will would have no one perish?’
Angel Abdiel didn’t answer, There was plenty of time for seraph to understand mysteries of divine Will.
Tailpiece: For God Time and Space signifies not in the sense these concepts mean to us. If he were subject to these he would not be Immortal or Omnipresent. Wisdom and Power is the essence of his Will. He willed it and heavens and the earth came into being. Man calls it the Big Bang, Evolution and so on.
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