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A snake became a terror to all travelers who passed by. When other snakes said he created fireworks simply by hissing the snake said,” My power to scare is special,- it works well to scare those who visit the pyramids”. Snake Morsi had no pyrotechnics but Cairotechnics and it made him the most dreaded local bully. Morsi was a snake just the same.
Grown careless by his power one day he made a foray in to a shed where there was blazing fireworks. The Smithy was rather neglected and Morsi could pick one and throw another. These were foot soldiers of the blacksmith. While he was meddling he came across a file called Al-Sisi. ‘The snake said,’I picked you up and I will show what a terror I am.” He tried to bite into the file. Much as he tried to get his fangs he found they were broken off and in the end the file said,’You silly snake, don’t you know that my power is to bite off everything that sets against me?”
Poor Morsi soon realized rascals are bound to come up against rascals more cleverer then they. We see it in history, in the rise of Hitler to power. Army thought the corporal of WWI was easy to twist around but learned soon enough. This we can see even this day. Blood-thirsty Jihadists got their own medicine back hundrend-fold bloodier when they tried to throw down Assad regime in Syria.
Snakes who are good at sneak attacks will find boots crashing down over their silly heads.


Aesop Fables Updated :swallowing more than one can chew

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AESOP FABLES UPDATED- taken by the blind side

A deer blind in one eye moved over to Black Sea. The deer from Kiev knew he could keep his blind side on the seawards from where he did not expect any trouble. All he needed was to keep his eye sharp on the landward where ethnic minorities, Chinese, Asian, African students sat happily watching football. Roughing up them was fun and no police dared take action. He was a nationalist and he was xenophobic. His hooliganism progressed steadily. Neither painting swastikas against the homes of the Jews or stomping old men or women seem to bother. In short his blindness was really a moral one. When a woman with braids appealed him to elect her to the highest office he jeered at her. His antisemitism picked out targets whether real or not and the victims just suffered his taunts. There was one leech who wanted to fatten still more from fat of the land he took to the Maidan Square to throw molotov cocktails and destroy public buildings. His crusading spirit covered all crooks and innocents.
The blind Kievan deer did not notice a little place by the sea called Crimea where people saw Russians and cried,” Russians are coming! Russians are coming!
The deer was busy setting fire in some area and never knew what hit him from across the sea. His moral blindness cost him very dearly, you see.

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A frightful sight was the knight astride a horse caparisoned with silver buckles and headpiece of gold. The beast knew his fame alright. His flaring nostrils and sleek body armor plated gave a terrible aspect, and flanks catching shafts of light from infernal regions he emerged, made all who saw him shudder. The rider whose visor was down held his shield loosely and sat as if born to ride didn’t stir.
He let his steed make his paces.
The animal at last spoke. He said,’ O Knight of Thousand Wars have we not covered ourselves in glory?’
War said,’ None dared hold ground before us.’ The horse said,’ Isn’t time then we called it a day and rested from our bloody business?’
War would have but there were three other horses closely in heels. The horses bearing knights named Plague Famine just paused till Knight Death caught up with them. Seeing this infernal sight of nags of the most loathsome aspect Knight War patted his horse by the mane and said,’From where are these coming?’
The war horse shrugged off saying that these were ever on heels the day they set out to conquer.
War had to agree that they would not be able to alight for the fear of being trampled to death by them.

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The sky is the catwalk where the Moon wanted to dazzle all.  It was Charity Ball for some worthy cause and the Moon was also expected to make her entry. She asked her Mother to design a dress for the gala event. Moon’s Mother  in turn asked the Wind to design. When Mr. Wind came up with a design it didn’t fit  Moon at all. Moon’s mother chided the dress designer for such ill-fitting design. The Moon was in her quarter. The designer took her measurement once again with care and after couple of days came up with another design. How he waxed eloquent over his design! No the design did not fit the Moon at all for the Moon was in full moon phase. Mother of Moon scolded the Wind roundly. Poor designer. He tore his hair and said,’Here I am designing for one who is never the same next day. Why not make your daughter walk the catwalk as she is on the day of the event?’ The Moon followed the advice. No one complained of dress not fitting her.
Moral:The world may hold an unwritten law of change but law written down is to be followed in sense and spirit of the contract.


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A fat cat heard there was a tribe which was reported as lost and he heard from his contacts where the tribe might be found. So the fat cat called up his reserves and organized a rescue party.

Fat Cat named Black Cutter also called his right hand man and said,’We are going to the Amazon Basin. There is a lost tribe and we are going there to make them an offer they cannot refuse.’ The number two said, the earth movers are ready in convoy one and in the next we have loggers with their giant cutters, and in the third we have bazookas, sidewinders and grenades. I have a carpet bag full of metal caps, glass beads,frisbees and so on. We first trade hectares of rainforest for glass beads and if they refuse to play game we will smoke them out, right,Boss?’

Fat cat Black cutter was aghast,’You are way off the mark. We will first treat their sickness. We move in as physicians. We call ourselves ‘Native Medicine without frontiers.’

” I didn’t know they were sick, boss?”

“”Sure,’ replied the fat cat smoothly,’Getting lost in these days of global communication is a sickness we shall treat.’

The number two understood,’Oh yes we shall treat them till the rainforest is found into our coffers,- all converted into currency.

Thus they went being certain their civilized approach will be welcomed.

Convoy of trucks finally made to the area the tribe had made their home. The aborginals were more like birds, their speech more tweets than words and their dress in plumes of exotic birds only found in the Amazon. Unknown to the fat cat they had thousands of warriors hidden in the forest with blowpipes. The visitors looked around and they knew they were watched by warriors who didn’t show themselves but the bird calls proved they were watching them intently.

The fat cat told the chief that there was some rumor that they were ailing. The chief said,’Nature took care this far. We shall do well as soon as we see the last of you.’ The fat cat saw warriors hidden in the forest and beat a hasty retreat.
Moral: Relying on highTech is progress that cannot however match the progress of native wisdom to sense the evil intention and take preventive steps.


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When Mr.Rat advised his government he was heard. He knew the case of Greece, Iceland and several others; He saved the nations from their fate. As Chairman of the Federal Bank he raised interest rates or lowered it and he said his wise moves made the tax payer secure. 'Oh ordinary people thanks to him could sleep like a log.' No wonder Mr. Rat was promoted to the level no president or Minister-President had ever reached.
One morning came Mr.Frog the financial wizard and said,'There is so much Pension Funds tied up and it could be put to work.' Mr.Rat thought that was wonderful. Mr. Frog showed his expertise in squeezing the last drop of wealth lying around untouched.' He hopped from one idea to another. These citizens fanning out every morning using public transport on bicycles generate so much motion 'and we could convert it into energy. We can save on energy bills'. Another idea was to slap VAT on every tall tale around the pubs to reduce the air of impossibility to bare minimum. Mr. Frog made the eye of Herr direktor pop. 'I have half a mind to tax beer consumers for the foam!'Mr. Rat said with a wink in his eye. Next moment he said with a laugh,'I was joking. Let us leave some simple pleasures to our citizens'. At the end of the series of confabulations they agreed to work together as a team.
Mr. Frog as I said earlier flitted from one cheese paring policy to another till the great Recession came like a deluge. Mr. Rat went under since his fiscal responsibility to the nation made him highly detested. His so called 'wonderful' budget reform was sum total of Mr. Frog's many brain waves. It had made the man on the street seethe with frustration- and when the wave broke Mr. Rat was dead as a door nail.

Mr. Frog would have liked to move on since he owed the tax payer no responsibility. He didn’t waste any tears over the downfall of Mr.Rat. He saw himself more or less a roving fiscal advisor. To him the people were 'muppets' and he a financial miracle- worker. 'Perhaps China could do with my services.' he mused. Only when he tried he realized his connection with Mr.Rat was a liability and none wanted to hear him. Poor Frog, how long one can go on irresponsibly through the wreckage of his own making and not get hurt?

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A fuller whose job is to make the clothes shine had large grounds. He thought someone else could set up his trade there. He knew the rent would add to his profits. So he sent advertisements all around for some trader or an artisan to move in. One day a collier dropped in. He was interested. All he needed was a furnace and space for storing firewood. ‘Just let me in. I look after my needs and pay rent on the day agreed and give you no trouble’,said he.
The fuller took the collier to show his line of business. ‘See I only need sunshine and space to hang all the clothes bleached to dry out.’
The collier showed him in his turn how he worked. ‘See that chimney stack. It takes all the smoke and will not trouble you or me.’
The fuller however was not convinced. He said, ‘you shall keep your end of the bargain.I know. Unfortunately we share the same sky. I need the sun to make my clothes shine spotless and keep their whiteness. But can I trust wind or your smoke? I know you mean no harm. But the wind may blow all that smoke onto my space and undo my hard work. It is better that you go elsewhere. It will give me peace.’
The State and Religion cannot mix. There are so many imponderables and not a single state has been saved by religion. Instead Religion has only defeated every effort of best of men who would give peace to men within the state. Look at Spain under the Moors. How the Moors and Christians fought for its control? Imagine what would have been the case had the Moors still controlled Spain? It would have been another Syria under Bashar Assad or Libya. Now Spain under the Catholic Church produced Franco. With the Church interfering every horror man could think of under the sun has come one after the other: Inquisition, civil war, stolen children, forced adoption,sex abuse. For all the iron heel of church or dictatorship what is the economic situation? Unemployment is very high and Recession is very much there. If one looks where Spain (or any other nation where religion plays a vital role), it will be clear where these nations stand in terms of happiness.(OECD.org) Religion has been man’s own device to make him fall headlong into the pit of misery. Religion and State have been devil’s prescription for man’s pride that makes him think he is in control of his own destiny.
Remember Guernica? Remember Bali Bombing?

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