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Angel of Death on a Quest ©
Angel of Death heard so much about perfection that he was curious. He asked the guardian of the temple of Truth if she could enlighten him on the matter.
Truth came down steps to say, ‘I ought not be talking to you.’  The angel asked why. The transcendent beauty of Truth was in full flow. She said, ‘You ask me of all persons’. Angel of Death insisted and Truth explained that he made man confused. If it were not for him man could have stayed focused on her.  In the end Truth asked the angel to try Paradise for perfection.

Thus angel of Death and Destruction went to Paradise and the 72 houris were all gamboling in the fountain of pleasures. They on seeing him quickly covered themselves. But the angel of Death sniggered and said, ‘You perfect beings! Bah!’ the angel was most annoyed and said, ‘ Whoever said you are perfection incarnate, lied. You are as hairy as a bear.  If I were to hug you, I must search next for flea powder. Bah! ’ He was most irritated and he went to the earth.
His ears perked up as he heard great crowd worshiping one who was thumping the Bible. ‘Is he perfect?’ he wondered. So he showered pot full of gold. Immediately he threw the Book in order to pick up all the pieces of gold that fell about him. He was in glee since his congregation were all intent in their prayers. ‘He cannot be perfect,’ decided the angel. Next he saw a bearded rabbi who boasted he was perfect. When asked on what grounds did he come to that conclusion he said he was letter perfect. ‘No, you shall not live a moment longer’ said the angel. The angel of Death true to form struck him dead. Next he came across two fellows giving their speech before a video camera. From their speech the angel understood they were preparing themselves for  martyrdom. The angel saw they had shaved themselves ritually. The angel casually asked them, ‘What next?’ The wretched fellows said, ’Paradise and houris await us’. He asked,’So you shaved yourselves?’ He could not help laughing himself. He roared in laughter unable to control himself.   He could not tell them that they only shaved to add hair on those 72 houris in the most unlikeliest places.
Later on a sober reflection the angel of death had to admit the imperfect beings had no notion of truth so they merely did some mumbo-jumbo to add to their imperfection.


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Every life has an absolute position since my physical form is made of material, origin of which could be anywhere in the Cosmos. This is where my centre of gravity lies. No other being can occupy or duplicate it. Soul is its palpable presence that I can feel in whatever state I may be.
A Brahmin Claims His Shawl ©

One devout Brahmin prayed to Brahma and the god appeared in person. “What will you desire? Anything you ask I shall give it to you.” said the lord of three worlds. The Brahmin who had for years prayed without leaving the spot felt so stiff in his bones and asked the god to hold his shawl till he took a round. While he walked on one approached him and said he was Brahma the lord of three worlds. A little later another one, more resplendent than the other two, introduced himself as Brahma. “May be you are right,” replied Brahmin with a deep bow,” Brahma whom I would like to deal with has my shawl for safekeeping.”

My soul is like the Brahmin’s shawl. I consider soul as that aspect which gives me uniqueness whether I am clothed in a spiritual body or in some other form.
Tailpiece: Cloning is merely superficial since how two copies respond to environment will add to their differences. When dead my corporal body will experience corruption but my soul is incorruptible.
Whether on the earth or any other my position is relative to the absolute position.

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