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Enzo Ferrari (1898-1988)
Motor car manufacturer

Racing Ferraris are bright red synonymous with indifference to death. Born in Modena ,Ferrari was able to ride by the time he was 13, grew up to have a more profound effect on sporty glamoros high performance automobiles than any of his contemporaries.During the WWI he shod horses for the cavalry and later became a racing driver. In the early he moved to the famous Alfa Romeo where took over the running of the racing. In 1929 Alfa Romeo withdrew from the sport. Ferrari formed his legendary ‘feuderia Ferarri’ as a small autonomous division of Alfa Romeo. The prancing horse symbol carried proudly since 29 in all Ferrari cars, was presented to him by the parents of Francesco Baracca, Italy’s WWI ace pilot. After the WWII he moved his factory to Maranello and produced the first in the line of his world class cars. Ferrari, the Napoleon of of the sport became enigmatic recluse as he came to be known to the world, after the death of his son His single minded obsession with cars and energies put into his car synonymous with sport and class makes him a legend to the racing car enthusiasts.

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