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The fat capitalist had its face pinched with mounting woes. It thought it could knock at the door of the ants and get help. So it waded through thick snow even as army of ants from abroad were converging there. Those ants hit by natural calamities knew the ants in so and so county were unaffected. To the incessant knockings of the grasshopper a door opened. The ant asked why had it come to them. The grasshopper narrated its difficulties.
The ant said it could not spare anything. ‘We are expecting great many mouths to feed.’ The ant said that the ants from all the affected counties were approaching them for help.
‘Workers of the world, unite! so says the Book,’ said the ant,’So our surplus should go to feed them. And not you.’
‘Why not me?’ asked the grasshopper,’ We belong to the same county. Where is your patriotism?’ The ant knew the grasshopper in spreading its wealth around and investing abroad to escape tax at home was merely fooling itself. ‘My patriotism is right where it belongs and it isn’t something we need to concern right now.’
The grasshopper turned away sadly but not wiser by its experience.

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