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What are nations but entities determined in terms of geography? Julius Caesar in his Gallic Wars writes of a tribe named Helvetii of Celtic origin occupying the Swiss plateau. In the first century BC they found the Alps on their back did not allow them any room for expansion. So they fanned out into other areas towards Germany on the east and towards the west. It set the whole region and beyond with alarm. So the notion of geographical confines are determined by people whose idea of increase can only be at the expense of decrease to great many in their path. Nations as such are paper tigers given claw by people. Borders of people with peaceful intentions are no threat to their neighbors similarly given to peace. Only when nations are weighted disproportionately and people are given to the notion of might is right the problem of friction arises. In short where all things being equal, peaceful disposition of people itself is a guarantee for each nation to live in amity.

Unless individual know what it is to have peace and actively pursue to possess it as quality above all, -such notions of national identity are vague, he merely toys with a pipe dream. He who places his life on peace as essential must bet on his life that it is an inalienable right in every other. So the golden rule of doing unto others what he would wish others do unto him must be his credo. No question of nationalism can be discussed intelligently without holding this principle as axiomatic. We can see anti-Semitism in Post-WWI was contributed by endemic practice of Jew-baiting from Portugal to the outer reaches of Russia. Prejudices of individual know no boundaries so rulers of petty kingdoms and principalities of Medieval Europe cashed in on it as a matter of policy. When Papal authority instituted Inquisition it gave it a cover that never weathered the passage of time. Prejudice of man was all too potent a cauldron into which the Church’s moral authority simply evaporated,

Until the 15th century, some Jews occupied prominent places in Portuguese political and economic life. But Manuel I in 1496 showed his hand. The first decree of expulsion followed with forced conversion in 1497: He finally let them leave after the Lisbon massacre of 1506. Meantime he had swindled all their wealth legally. What the Jews faced in other kingdoms was more or less the same. In France l’affaire Dreyfus was a fever breaking out in their national life. In Germany smarting under the ignominious defeat of the war and Red scare the private fears of the kleine burgher played into the hands of Hitler and it was a two way street. This prejudice of every man became the mortar for state policy; and history of centuries old misinformation peddled from Portugal to Siberia had coalesced into something palpable that must be got rid of and it became very German thing! Within 13 years the misbegotten Nazism what one would call banality of evil would be finished. Like the daesh too costly to put up the nuts and bolts of actual edifice but not so easy to keep its dust from getting into the eye. Hitler and his 1000-year Reich is gone but its silly ideology  is found still raising the stock of white supremacists in USA what shall we conclude?  National identity is a lie that knows no boundaries. If anti-Semitism works name your prejudice and it shall fit every poltroon who is pushed into the highest office by every fair and foul means. His private vices shall become the national tragedy.  This is what happens when people are deprived of a level playing field, and no access to education healthcare and support for the vulnerable.



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O say can you see, by the mists rising fast

Some one strutting some one torching Shylock’s last rest place,

You know who with hate and fear in lather cast

Now dare desecrate graves, is it against his race

Or the unmanly vice, what his elders improv’d

Having nothing else to impart, -hate is rude,

But with that rallying battle-cry rises hate wave

O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave?

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The Dreyfus Affair in its time shook the French nation: political parties, families alike were drawn into it either for or against. So much heat and passion that it caused was an indication of the clay feet of the Third Republic. The whole edifice would ultimately collapse in 1940 where the Republic would go down infamously. (It took only six weeks in the May-July for her to crumble before the invading German army.)
In order to understand L’affaire Dreyfus we need to look into the Panama scandal of 1888 where the issue was not about so much about the corrupt politicians or newspaper publishers but the Jews who were among the promoters. ( In the press the scheme was touted as some sort of Titanic that would not sink. Those who were in high positions and opinion makers drove gullible backers to invest in it. When the scandal finally burst into headlines it was found three of promoters were Jews.) Immediately a wave of anti-semitism broke out.
Well Capt.Alfred Dreyfus was a Jew. In 1894 this 35 year old probationary officer on the Genera Staff was found guilty by court martial of treason. The charge was that he had turned over military secrets to a foreign power. He was dishonorably discharged and was sent on life imprisonment in Devil’s island.
The sole piece of evidence produced by prosecution was so flimsy that the War minister had to use some illegal skullduggery to procure conviction of the Jewish captain. Before his trial by the military court he was convicted hundred times over by the Parisian press. In separate interviews to two of the leading newspapers in France, Le Figaro and Le Matin the War Minister categorically (without a shred of solid evidence) stated of Dreyfus’s guilt. French press in those days was as bad as the muckraking press of today. Think of the News of the World scandal that is going around these days. It was infested with venality and crass partisanship of publishers that gave the news a twist to suit their own self-intersts. (Any reader of Balzac would note the press was as black as they were depicted in his novels.) Commented the Catholic daily La Croix,’Dreyfus is an agent of international Jewry which has decided to ruin the French people’. Before the four day trial was completed General Mercier in the War Ministry cooked up a secret file and presented it to the Judges which was illegal since defence were not informed. The intention was clear: Dreyfus must be declared guilty by legal process!
Having succeeded the hapless officer was publicly humiliated and sent to Devil’s Island where the oppressive heat of the day and night was apt to wear out the health of any man. Dreyful at the start were confined for twenty-four hours in a small hut and ankle strapped in double chains to an iron bar across the foot of his cot. There was no way of escaping the remote island off the coast of South America but was a torture calculated to finish off the Jew!
Six months after the trial Major Georges Picquart took charge of the head of the counter-espionage of the Deuxieme Bureau. He was entrusted with the task of looking into the motives and the Major Picquart could not find any. Besides he found quiet a few evidences to attest to the miscarriage of justice. When the Rightist elements got wind of suspicion the question asked was,’ Of what significance was the life and honor of one individual compared to that of la patrie? There were many whose moral values were more universal and all embracing than what the Right faction had appropriated to themselves. (Somewhat like the Right wing in America who look down on the liberals.) Among the radical Republican politicians there was Georges Clemenceau, socialist (Jean Jaures) and writers such as Emil Zola, Anatole France and a poet Charles Peguy and intellectuals.
In the ensuing years of the trial of Dreyfus the identity of the real trial began circulating and the suspicion fell on Major Esterhazy. Col. Picquart found his handwriting identical to the single incriminating evidence of the bordereau (which carried itemized new weapons acquired by the army.)
Owing to clamor for justice and fair play the Dreyfus case was again heard at the court where Major Esterhazy wanted his name to be cleared. On January 11, 1898 the judges heard him and in a matter of three minutes was unanimously acquitted.
Colonel Picquart who stubbornly had unearthed whatever evidence he could to prove the miscarriage of justice was arrested the next day.
On the following day Emile Zola wrote a scathing letter addressed to the President and it was published in Clemenceau’s paper L’Aurore.
Just when the powers that be thought L’affaire Dreyfus was put to rest one of the leading novelists of the day had raked it up again.
Zola at this time was at the height of his fame and his penchant for causing controversy was no whit lessened. He was acclaimed in and abroad and he was not to be silenced. He was rich and famous and had no need for publicity. Yet he put his all on the line for an ideal. In J’ accuse! he accused the generals by name and for the despicable frame-up and for letting the real traitor go scot-free. His language was violent and frontal attack of the government, savage. In closing he dared the Army or the government to haul him before the courts for defamation.
The challenge was picked up and the government moved to prosecute Zola. Their line of attack was to avoid opening the Dreyfus case but only on the part where he had accused the Army had ordered acquittal of Esterhazy. The sensational case lasted two weeks and the jury took less than an hour to find the writer guilty. He was given a year in prison and fine of 3000 francs. Worse still the mob went on a rampage ‘Death to Zola, Death to the Jews! so went the cry. They wanted to lynch him.
Three days later Colonel Picquart was dismissed. Quietly the verdict against Zola was quashed on technical grounds. A new trial was ordered but Zola made good of his escape to London.
Note: on hindsight we can say that the whole wheels of the government had come unstuck and the Army, the Press, the Church were dancing around the crater of a volcano.
Jean Jaures a great human being and a socialist of brilliant mind was shot dead while he was sitting in his customary seat at at a cafe, Le Croissant. It was just as the first world war broke out. His assassin was a Right winger who suspected he may speak out against the general mobilization following the declaration of the war. The heat of the partisanship that so viciously polarised the Right and the left and manifested during the Dreyfus affair had claimed another victim. Clemenceau will go on to become a great arbiter and voice in the international politics for the French nation.

(ack: the Collapse of the Third Republic-William S. Shirer)

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Jew-baiting in Europe was pervasive right from the time the powers- that- be found the Jews a convenient scapegoat. The rulers of principalities funded their wars with the money extorted from the Jews. Torquemada for example comes to mind. Jews were banished from the Catholic Spain. France was not free from this prejudice. That was then.
In the late 19th century France was rocked by a scandal. In its wake their deep seated fear of Jews came to the fore. I cite the collapse of the company that floated the Panama Canal project. In 1888 the company formed by Ferdinand de Lesseps went under with a loss to stockholders, most of them small bourgeois investors, of $300,000,000. From inquiries and trials that followed an endemic corruption in which several cabinet ministers, some 150 members of Parliament and nearly every important newspapers had been bribed off. The company wanted to avoid a crash and money spent at the right quarters allowed the company to stave off an immediate collapse. For the time being. Of these corrupt people only one was found guilty and prosecuted because his conscience prick made him confess! Now the question is how come anti-semitism suddenly became the news of the day? The politicians and corrupt law-givers wanted to save their hides,- and also face, one would think.
The Jews as a nation was a nation within the national life of Russia and as elsewhere, in France also.
There cannot be smoke without fire. In fact there were three Jews who on behalf of the company actually handled the bribing of influential people. In the mass hysteria surely l’affaire Dreyfus was waiting to happen. The man on the street as a result of corruption,divisions lost faith in the Third Republic and in those who ran the Republic. Of course politicians who used the Jews as smoke screen may have escaped immediate retribution but their actions would surely bring disaster. How else one can explain the utter fiasco under which France met the challenge of rising Nazism?
Within a span of six weeks during the balmy May-July days of 1940 the world’s second largest empire were utterly brought to their knees. France may have prided in her culture and civilized way of life but all these would give way to a Fascist dictatorship and an epitome of Totalitarian Political system. Who genuflected shamelessly before the Moloch but the father figure of the French Army, the one and only Philippe Petain?
It is poetic justice that Army caved in when the nation needed them most. The Army had long before their debacle lost their morale in the Dreyfus case.
In 1894 throwing Dreyfus to the wolves in order to protect the Army made the country split in the middle. The Left and Right veered to extreme positions. For the Army, the Catholic Church and the conservative majority it was not the question whether Dreyfus was guilty or not but that it were better that he suffered than sacrifice the prestige and honor of the French Army. With such persuasive argument France walked roughshod over the individual liberties of some individuals as though their lives didn’t count. On a flimsy charge that will never stand in a court of law Captain Dreyfus was publicly disgraced. La Libre Parole a paper noted for her anti-semitism commented next day: “It was not an individual who was degraded here for an individual crime. The shame of an entire race was bared in its nakedness.”
When a nation has sacrificed its moral force what morale can an army muster in case of emergency? When the House has developed a cleft down the middle what hope is left for the inmates? In the face of the national crisis the Cardinal Archbishop of Paris led the prayers and hoped as with the people for a miracle. It was of no use since the Army was sapped by dreams of glory and of the past than of the present.
Curtailing individual liberties of even one person do carry its measure of seeds of poison. If the nation could make short shrift of one it stands to reason there shall be many more cases similarly repeated elsewhere. The accumulated poison shall spread through wind, water, rivers and oceans that in the end will create catastrophe.

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