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The time I was in the Constellation CTA579 I had a strange encounter with a cat. I remember it all too clearly. It was a morning and I was in the doghouse counting my blessings having nothing to do. I heard strange sounds. Someone was catfooting around and I sneezed. I knew the cat’s fur was flying around. Being left to yourself in doghouse most of the time you know these things by sixth sense. I was grounded because I took a liking for the postman’s calf the evening before. My master thought a dog that missed a burglar at the job was bad; but to mistake a postman for a bone was worse. Oh I am digressing.

The cat seeing me hollered,’Be prepared for the Armageddon! right now.’ He had an assault rifle and he was positively grinning. The Cheshire cat could not have done better. Seeing my bored look froze him. He waved his AR-15 to say he had everything under control. He just said ‘Hi Kiddo!’

It made me see red. Imagine being insulted by a cat! He was not even a ginger cat; nor did have boots. I merely said “I am Fido!’ There fell a painful silence. The cat was feeling nervous looking sillier by the minute. Whereas being grounded I thought it was left to the cat to make the first move. No way. The cat was shaking all over and had no nerve to twitch even a muscle. Meanwhile a parrot circled above us and said, ‘ Let me sort out this stand-off.”
I showed some misgivings. ‘Trust me, I know how to solve this. I have represented the UN many times over, negotiating. Consensus and all that.’

So I said,’ this cat has some problem. He has his barbie doll and he has been customizing it since he bought it. ‘ That was a mistake. Mr. TriPolly from Libya knew all about assault rifles and he was in a rapid fire patter telling about the rifle, now almost slipping from the cat’s paw. I heard him  say  it was the civilian version of the military’s M-16 and M-4, a logical choice for anyone whose goal was to kill a lot of people in a short time because of their ability to rapidly fire multiple high-velocity rounds.’

I was catching on fast and I asked,’ how many rounds?’

TriPolly piped,’ It has high-capacity magazines, which feed 20 or 30 rounds at a fast pace.’ He said,’pity it is likely to jam.’

I nudged the cat to ask, ‘Did you hear that, catgut?’


The cat was now very maudlin. The rifle dropped out of his paw by its own weight. I took it and passed to him, asking him to hold steady. The cat took up,’ but I was told it is very therapeutic. Whole day I could change stocks, put lasers on my barbie dolls,  put locks on them,”As the cat went on narrating it the color was coming back to his eyes.  “It’s just endless. It’s like building a custom car. You can just accessorize it to your own personal taste.” He went into a nervous giggle and said, ‘Aha, see my doll, pink, chrome-plated AR-15. Isn’t she a beaut?’

“It’s blinged out pretty good.”I said. ‘I will tell you what I will do.’ I was for burying it as if it were a bone.’

The cat was horrified! “what I will do with time hanging on my hands? It is worse than death. It is an assault into my personal liberty!’

I said, ‘improve your mind, learn to think straight, Catgut, even playing with a ball of wool would be better.’

TriPolly was sure the cat could learn some facts. Learning to count was one way of sharpening his brain,he said, ‘In this constellation we had 300 million by census of the year of Independence. We have had ten years since then. Liberty to do as we please. We kill thirty million per year.  We have not seen any births since our women are free not to disfigure their bodies. What should be our population this year?

While the cat was wresting with the mental maths I whispered to TriPolly, ‘How come we have still  a population of 10 million not counting the number children?’

The bird shot back. ‘We live in a bad neighborhood. South of the border. You know what I mean?’ When I looked around the cat was already moving away unable to keep his gray matter together for long. Poor  Catgut! liberty was killing him inside. ‘Leave the moron to his liberty!’


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2008 was the year that changed the face of America forever, so it would seem. The American dream built on mass consumerism died a violent death. Global downturn it was called. Then there was another news that did not make much impact at the time except it gave the NRA a lethal awesomeness that made politics played around gun laws ever since a losing and dangerous game. In the District of Columbia v. Heller case the Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia declared in the majority opinion, “The Second Amendment protects an individual right to possess a firearm unconnected with service in a militia.” Liberty in this Court ruling has since drawn blood and in my mind’s eye the torch that the Statue holds no longer throws light to the alien shores beckoning the poor huddled masses, to come in. With so many crime and economic malaise clinging at the many turnpikes there are no avenues open for them to seek relief under the skies of the home of the brave. The iconic Liberty instead looks sullen and sad: I see blood of the innocents spurting out unrelieved by politics of the law givers or the antics of the freedmen to the soil. It is slaughter of the innocents of another time. Instead of Herod I see NRA open for business all legal and sharp in its mien.
The National Rifle Association (NRA) only embarked on its modern crusade against virtually all gun legislation around 1970. Fully entering the political arena with its endorsement of Ronald Reagan for president in 1980, the NRA emerged as a key player in the conservative coalition that came to dominate the Republican Party. 

It’s hard to remember that for a while in the 1980s and 1990s, a limited form of gun control seemed politically possible. And following the 2008 Heller decision, it seemed the height of folly for legislators to take on gun control since the Supreme Court had so narrowed the framework for permissible regulation. As a result, even though the Aurora shootings took place in a swing state (Colorado) in an election year, Obama and the Democrats at the time never even raised the possibility of new federal legislation.
It is not white hats against black hats but the issue boils down is this: what liberty are you talking about when one in eight Americans is in need of some kind of psychiatric help? I aso see the specter of NRA like a mountebank at some fair grounds hustling the sick or with some identity problem to try ‘the toys’ piled up there. I remember an article posted on CNNMoney.com/ Parija Kavilanz/ July 26-7-12 that shows how the youth are out of touch with reality. Since it is relevant to understand the present predicament I shall give it at length:

For example manufacturing is a deep-rooted profession through generations of families in Southwest Michigan, USA. But many prefer to look elsewhere since manufacturing as shown in the TV/films always carries negative connotations.
“The public school system tells students that we have to go to college to be successful,” said one 18 year old who comes from the area, “Ever since you’re young, you hear that’s what you have to do to achieve the American dream.”
In these cash strapped times where unemployment is high, factory owners say they cannot find enough skilled workers.
“When I was an apprentice in the late ’70s, kids were dying to get into manufacturing. There were plenty of factory jobs,” said Joe Sedlak, a machinist who owns the Chesapeake Machine Company in Baltimore. “There are jobs for the taking today. But kids don’t want them.”
Stereotypes about factory jobs still persist. And the media isn’t helping, factory owners complain.
“On TV, kids don’t see many positive images of manufacturing,” said Bill Mach, president of Mach Mold, a manufacturer of plastics molds in Benton Harbor, Mich. A show will have a scene with “an old dark building with a bird flying out of it, and something bad happens.”
The industry needs an image boost, and young people need to get educated about high-skilled factory jobs, experts said.

Still, with almost 13 million unemployed Americans, including many high school graduates, he is struggling to fill positions.

A recent Manufacturing Institute and Deloitte report underscores that. Manufacturers currently have 600,000 vacancies nationwide, it said.

“Maybe we need someone cool like Clint Eastwood to say, ‘Go work in factories’ as a follow up to his Super Bowl Chrysler ad
Here we have a virtual reality of the real world filtered through the lens of pop culture. It would seem the visual generation cannot connect with the real world. In short they are in a bend and live in virtual world. It is not only an American crisis but also around the world. Crass commercialism has dulled the eyes of the youth. The shooter of Newtown, Connecticut had an identity problem, apparently. It is to him the merchant of death goads,’Hey kiddo! if you enjoyed wii II you will enjoy this still better’.
Land of the living or home of the brave shall remain a mirage until the lawgivers of the land learn to distinguish between politics for the responsible and politics of the senseless rhetorics.(ack: walter shapiro/Y News columnist-the longest war)

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