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Just One Point

I came across an old post of mine dated 13 February2009 titled Truth Has Many Shapes. Yes it has many shapes but all shadows of the Real all going angles and circles. Otherwise why would so many religions lay claims on man?



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Hold a cardboard with a tiny hole against the sun. Is it a square light that you see or an image of the sun despite of its actual square cut?
It was Aristotle who first wondered on the above. ‘why does a square hole admit a round image of the sun?
Francesco Maurolico in the sixteenth century took up on the question and he explained from nature: the sunlight streaming between the leaves whether square or irregular opening renders an image of the sun. In this case the earth acts like a film and the opening between leaves whether square or irregular,  the aperture of a pinhole camera. In short the sun is being photographed by the tree.
Recalling my note on the earlier post on Multiverse each of us sees the same sun and interprets it. In the tree of mankind we cannot escape the eternal and absolute value of Truth. Some call it God and another, Allah. When one tries to force another at the gunpoint to his belief all I can say, ‘What a fool he is!’ Thousand times the sun is photographed by human heart and each one has his own name for it. What is in a name?

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