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Elizabeth Lauten, communications director for Republican Representative Stephen Fincher of Tennessee, had said via a Facebook post that Obama’s daughters, Malia, 16, and Sasha, 13, needed to show “a little class,” complaining they appeared to look disinterested last week during an appearance with their father at a White House pre-Thanksgiving ceremony at which he had “pardoned” a turkey.

A President is representative of the nation’s various strengths and weaknesses. He has great many problems of global magnitude that keep coming to his table every day. As President Truman famously pointed ‘The Buck Stops Here.’ Cannot a Titan carrying the world on his shoulders relax a little? He may even indulge in a bit horseplay at times. Where the humbug and hypocrisy rule and stuffed shirts sit around according to a rigid protocol and speakers haranguing the audience of lost values and yet avoid fulfilling simple obligation like tax, a President must do the honours. If he has to pardon turkeys on a Thanksgiving dinner he is merely entering into the spirit of things which is like ISIS with one voice crying ‘Allahu Akbar‘ while some 30 souls are despatched to kingdom come. Ms. Lauten’s hatchet job was certainly unwanted. Who can expect,for god sake’ two teenagers to fake interest in Presidential pardon to turkeys? To top this she hypocritically prayed many times for guidance before she deleted her  ‘rebuke.’ After an insult asking in prayer is an hypocrite’s face saving formula. benny

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Think of earth as our home and everything what takes place in it shall somehow work its way for better or worse into each one of us.

Security reasons compel one nation to trawl civil liberties of its citizenry and collect data which shall as in the case of Snowdon affair serve other nations to fix theirs a little better.

Where do you think this race will lead to? One earth in which all member nations shall be wasting their precious limited resources for zero gains.

Our earth our home. Race for material gains rattles it. Space race following the US getting hold of German v2 rocket program during the Cold War period showed its futility when ISS was needed for space explorations where the US and Russia required help from each other.. Does war on ideology serve any better than a spirit of cooperation ?

Much less different belief systems shall serve interests of the earth. It is the only home we have got.


‘Belief has never blown a feather away. Deeds have levelled mountains.’

Fools praying on special days or 5 times a day made worse by killing other faiths on other days. The earth our home is a monument to folly of belief systems that never did the job as we hoped it would do.

Rascals we have had plenty who using fear of the unknown as a tool to subjugate our better natures to an idea they never followed themselves.

The earth is full of such follies that show peaks of human profligates playing with our secular and spiritual lives.

Turkish caliphate is anathema to Arab Sunnis. Historically caliphate had no leg to stand in time and place wherever it was imposed. It proved a failure for the simple reason these caliphs who ran the lives of others never looked to the time nor to social changes. Had the caliphs of old looked to the welfare of believers, would have worked to equip them take charge of changes in social history. This was not the case. Ask ourselves: why did Arab Spring never take off?

Kings, caliphs etc., have all taken advantage of the time secure their hold and not better the world. They left the earth worse than ever.

When one hears caliphate in our time it is a sure signal the world shall be much worse than is.


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Maternal-Polar Bears

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There is more to a sailor
Than a tailor,
Stitching a tear is more than
A tar will do.
Ho, Ho Sinbad the sailor I am-
My father a poor tailor
Spun yarns more than good for him.
He cut sleeves shorter
while his eyes crossed out;
He hemmed and hawed while he
Looped his needle and thread
To draw blood and his life out.
There is more to a sailor
Than a tailor.
Ho, Ho Sinbad the sailor I am
I am more at sea than the tailor
Never have I spun yarns like my father
But I am left
Just as high and dry
Tucked in a shroud!

(reprinted from Pup of my Doggerels of Jan. 21,2011)

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