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How easy it is to subscribe to the proverb ‘Fathers ate sour grapes and teeth of children are set on edge.’ I do not share this view of anyone being called out to pay for the wrongdoing of another. Payback time of each ls closely hidden elsewhere and Law in most cases may render justice to the wronged. It is possible that some may escape from Law but will pay back just the same in ways he or she shall never foresee.
Law can only do so much but no further.
Is there then any moral lesson to be learned here?
Had Bernard Madoff known what his fraud would lead to he would have gone to some other business or a nine to five job that would lay no temptation before him. King Midas would not have laid much trust either in gold had he thought his daughter’s life was of worth.
Man is a funny animal and when young and his blood is in rage he deceives himself he lives a charmed existence. He thinks luck is on his side as an incorrigible gambler might. Madoff and King Midas, I suspect were similarly deceived. We are easily fooled to think we can get away with privileges, wealth or fame without paying back anything that is worthwhile and genuine. Ben Franklin as child wanted a penny whistle so badly. After buying it he realized he paid far too high price for it. The joy of possessing the whistle was killed by the thought he played the fool. He seems to have thrown it away in vexation. This is how we are shortchanged by our ill-advised actions. Madoff for all his cleverness didn’t realize the shame and tragedy would engulf him as a result. I am sure he must be kicking himself and wonder,’If only I could turn back the time!’
Life can be drunk only moderately and to be drunk senseless is to invite trouble not only to you and many others whose lives touch yours.
When life sets sweet wine free it is not smart either to stick to water. Life is such that to be sparing is to belittle your capacity to experience or to be of use to others. When life warms you all over it is worth your while to enjoy life in all its varieties so having kept your head and understood life in its many aspects you may be able to guide those around you to higher level of actions and thoughts. Instead some feel like a dyspeptic griping of things that they really have no idea of. Neither too much or too little will do.
Safest way is to sharpen your wits while you are open to such wisdom and guidance. Later when you sit with all sorts of fellows you may avoid being taken in. Money is to be made and spent without being caught out as a fool by your actions. As in the case of Madoff he wanted to make much more than was good for him. He didn’t know himself or members of his family whether his greed they could handle. It was his tragedy.
Here is a piece of news:

NEW YORK – Imprisoned financier Bernard Madoff won’t seek to attend his son’s funeral out of consideration for the privacy of his son’s wife and four children, his lawyer said Monday.

Attorney Ira Sorkin said Madoff instead will mourn privately at the North Carolina prison where he’s serving a 150-year sentence for his fraud conviction in what authorities have called history’s largest Ponzi scheme.

Madoff’s older son, Mark Madoff, 46, hanged himself early Saturday in his Manhattan apartment two years after his father was charged with fraud.
Ack: Larry Neumeister, Associated Press)


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