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When Bidú Sayao, the Brazilian coloratura came to New York to sign an operatic contract An American impresario all but had her signature on the contract. He was thwarted however by Mama Sayao who kept whispering into her ear. The diva constantly shook her head and the producer kept raising his offer. Again Mama Sayao, who spoke no English whispered and the Impresario who had reached his limit simply threw his hands to say, ‘Miss Sayao that is my best offer, I simply cannot go higher. Either you sign at this figure or the contract is off.’
‘But certainly!’ Bidú smiled, ‘Of course I sign.’ As soon as the contract was signed Mama again plucked the sleeve of her daughter to whisper. Miss Sayao blushed and stammered ‘My mother wants to know, please-where is the ladies room?’(Ack: Jack Harding-I Love Brazil/Bobbs Merrill)


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