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Baby Bruno at Home

This is an illustration for the Baby Bruno series not yet published. I hope to get these into a final order by next year.

An excerpt of the story is as follows:

In the middle of a forest lived a family of bears. Bear Bruno was the youngest of three black bears. His older brothers had left home early. They hardly wrote home. Mama Bear was sure they forgot home. It made Mama Bear sometimes cry a little.
After drying her eyes she would call Baby Bruno to her side. He knew it. She was offering him a cookie.
She always had cookies at hand. From a jar she would give Papa Bear one cookie and tell him. “Not a crumb more! The rest is for Baby Bruno!” Baby Bruno loved cookies. Especially Crispies, and it was sensational! One cookie made his mouth water; and two made him smile but three cookies in one go made always a bellyful. Mama Bear wanted Bruno to stay home always. “I have a baby to cuddle,”she would say hugging her baby. When she was done she would hasten to her kitchen to make more Crispies. “Oh let him alone,”Papa Bear would growl in reply,”Baby Bruno tips 100- kilo on my weighing machine and he raids my honey-reserve.” Mama Bear always had a hard time to make him shut up.
Papa Bear loved his son. Every morning when he went off with his wife in tow he told his son to go out and enjoy himself. He was alone most of the time. However he knew how to enjoy himself. He would carry a pack of Crispies and set out. He loved to explore wild places. He always came home in time. He had once found a trail that took him to a clearing. It was his secret which he did not share it with any.
One summer day Bear Bruno went to the clearing. In the middle of a forest. He intended to be there for a few days. Having pitched his tent on a nice spot he took out various articles he had brought for his use. He set them in their proper places and he came out. It was a summer night and there was a beautuful moon overhead. He stretched himself on the ground. Never had he stopped to look at it closely. He could also see stars here and there. He got up and said, “I am the only one who has seen this!” He stood there lost in wonder. ” I wish I could share this wonderful moment with others!,”said he….( excerpt)

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