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Wife of Osip Mandelstam who died in one of Stalin’s prison camps in the late ’30s, surviving her life of poverty and loneliness lived to see her kitchen becoming a cultural pit-stop for touring writers and scholars. Towards the end she, frail in health desired death because ‘up there I’ll be again with Osip.’ Poet Anna Akhmatova who was present disagreed. ‘You’ve got it all wrong,’ she told her old friend,’Up there it is me now going to be with Osip.’
Note:Poet Osip was said to have had a liaison with Anna. He died in 1938. b.
Boris Pasternak, the author of Dr. Zhivago in recalling the dark days under Stalin’s repressive regime once shared what many of his literary friends dared not voice openly. He admitted things were somewhat easier than then. Speaking of the changed times he said,’They don’t ask much of you. They only want you to hate the things you love and to love the things you despise.’
Some one sarcastically asked Robert Hutchins , former president at the University of Chicago, if Communism was still being studied at the University.
‘Yes,’ replied Hutchins,’and cancer at the Medical School.’


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