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Bozos who lived on the fertile plains saw the Yahoos building skyscrapers and each section was vying with the other to build higher and bigger. After two decades of intense building boom the leading intellects among the Yahoos said,’Hold it! At this rate we shall beggar the resources of the earth.” The intellectuals debated on the greenhouse effect and destruction of flora and fauna. Calculating the rate of damage in two decades they worked out a Doomsday scenario. To prevent this from occuring the Yahoos  passed law of  Double Jeopardy that could not be cancelled.

What was double jeopardy? The Yahoos  put the earth in jeopardy; to make a law that didn’t deliver was d ouble jeopardy.  They were sure once  the biodiversity of the  earth was  destroyed it was useless to complain and the law became useless.  Taking a cue from them the Bozos  also passed a law citing the same reason. One said, ‘There is no  use in bolting the stable door after the horse has bolted”  Th Bozoan  political pundits said theur nation was under threat from anti-social elements. The scare worked. Thus draconian laws were passed without even a murmur. They took away civil liberties of citizens, rights to opinion, privacy as an excuse for mischief. Death penalty on anyone suspected of anti-social activities was introduced. No one dared to complain lest he should be suspected of being one. Law in the case of climate had got it right. How come Law was totally on the wrong in case of civil liberties?

Law applied makes all the difference. Politicians apply law for limited good.  If a party which favors Big Banking Houses and super rich passes a law the argument shall be like this: ‘for ingenuity and taking risks financiers CEO have to be rewarded well. Incentives like tax free bonuses are necessary’. It is like Bozos who want to keep the land free from coming to harm from a perceived threat ,  that mostly is only in their own mind. It has a form good sense but is meant to deceive. A perceived threat from climate changes on the other hand is natural result of man’s uncontrolled misuse.



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