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Brahma’s Elephant ©

Brahma once went visiting. His mind was in a whirl and not realizing he  stopped over at some place. Absent mindedly he tied his elephant to a tree. But when he thought he would continue his journey he could not find what tree it was. He called for Shiva. The god of destruction produced a seed and said that it was from the tree to which the animal was tied. Brahma was incredulous but Shiva assured that he would soon find it. Shiva held the seed out. In a trice it was swallowed up. 

Something of that seed disagreed with the animal and he trumpeted with an ear splitting din. “ Oh chaos has broken loose!” cried the Creator-God as the animal broke wind. A Big Bang it was.



The seed came out in cataclysmic force. In its wake came energy making every form visible! Lo and behold there stood his elephant! The animal was still chained to the tree and there were many universes growing out of the tree.

What seemed chaos was Brahma’s idle thought. It requires energy for translating thoughts into action. A form signifies certain transaction in levels of energy.


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Vyasa who composed the Vedas planned the epic in his head and its complex structure was so grand that he could not write it all down. So he approached Brahma the creator with a request to help him out.
‘Why don’t you write it all down?’
Vyasa said it was work that held up his creative flow. ‘I want some one who can write with fluency and be able to make the epic correct in every detail’.
Brahma suggested Ganapathi and to the elephant god he went and laid his problem. Lord Ganapathi accepted the challenge and said,’Epic poet you can recite your epic and I shall write it down. Only that I should not pause ever and the moment my pen stops that is the end of my service’.
It was a challenge that made Vyasa understand the uphill task. Vyasa had already begun the grand epic in his head. He knew which way he wanted to take his narrative and the people who carried his story forward. It was impossible to give up for one whose pen was unstoppable.

The sage bowed before the elephant god and requested him to take his seat. Lord Ganapati sat down with his steel pen and sheaves of palm leaves all cut and ready for the task ahead.
Thus Vyasa began a torrent of words creating such rhythms that made the head of Ganapathi swim. Vyasa noticed that the elephant God was almost losing his control at such onslaught of ideas and music so he said,’ Now a word from the sponsors, Have you tried Kesavardhini hair oil and so on’ The elephant god immediately sobered up on hearing such a jingle and it helped him to get hold of his pen. Vyasa the sage every half an hour so would come up with another product and by such judicious mix of advertisements thrown in between kept Ganapati in line; what is more these nonsensical jingles gave him time to compose the narrative in the manner he wanted.
Unfortunately ever since the noblest thoughts of man whatever be its sweep has come somewhat compromised with commercial angle. Gods who are paragons of virtue began to lust for twadry stuff for which mortals below killed and cheated one another.

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