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‘ ‘Evil pays back in kind;and good is its own reward.’so said my father in my youth but now older and wiser with life experience I think evil and good are two parallel lines as made out by moralists of old. Mankind has them overstepped so often that there is a blur between the lines. He who condemns evil may look well he hasn’t got his foot on the wrong side’.



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Is hope winging past ahead of the ground reality?

‘Trying to buck up a dispirited nation, President Barack Obama on Saturday promised that prosperous days will return and cast these bleak times as nothing less than a “great opportunity.” Packing some heft with his hope, he defended his fast-moving and expensive agenda.

“We will get through this,” Obama said in his weekly radio and video address, taped Friday after another week of downbeat news.

The unemployment rate climbed to 8.1 percent, the highest in more than 25 years. Stock values kept tumbling, down to their lowest levels since 1997. The latest Gallup polling finds that an anemic 20 percent of people in the United States are satisfied with the state of the nation. At least that’s an improvement from the 14 percent a month earlier.

Rather than pitch ahead to his next message, Obama devoted his address to recapping what his team did this past week to help get people working and spending.

The goal was to demonstrate that the administration is on the case and, more broadly, that history shows American resilience will win’.( quote from: Ben Feller-AP News)

Mr. President, your nation as well as the entire global community count on you. FDR’s fireside chat in another age was like a nightcap for the nation reeling under the irresponsible notions of ‘pursuit of happpiness’ and business by any means. Now that we see you live in our TVs we think you lay thick on hope and we know you are strong on ideas, and also articulate.So far so good. But where is the substance in the way these are put in motion?


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