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If you laughed and felt good after reading Mark Twain’s classic Tom Sawyer or followed Dennis the Menace in the funnies section you may want to check out the reality.
In Maryland, students posed as their vice principal’s twin 9-year-old daughters on pedophile websites, saying they had been having sex with their father and were looking for a new partner. Elsewhere, students have logged on to neo-Nazi and white supremacist sites claiming to be a Jewish or minority teacher and inciting the groups’ anger. Others have stolen photographs from teachers’ cellphones and posted them online.
“The ways they provoke teachers are limited only by their imaginations,” said lawyer Parry Aftab, who described the above cases as a few of the hundreds she’s handled.

In the Internet Age students are equipped with cellphones with video cameras and a plethora of apps that allow them easily to share information among each other and post online.
One of the new ways that students are harassing teachers has become known as “cyberbaiting.” Students irritate a teacher to the point that the teacher breaks down; that reaction then is captured in photos or video to post online. A Norton Online Family Report published last year found that 21 percent of teachers had experienced or knew another teacher who had experienced “cyberbaiting.”
Then there are cases of students who have created websites and blogs against teachers and administrators.
In South Florida, one student created a Facebook group page called, “Ms. Sarah Phelps is the worst teacher I’ve ever met!” The student encouraged others to “express your feelings of hatred.”
The student, Katherine Evans, took the page down but was suspended for three days and removed from her Advanced Placement classes. She later was represented by the American Civil Liberties Union in a lawsuit against the principal of the Pembroke Pines Charter High School, arguing that her right to freedom of speech had been violated. She settled for $15,000 to cover her legal fees and her suspension was wiped from her record.
Courts “tend to side more with the students unless you can show dramatic problems,” Aftab said.(ack:AP of 22 June,’12)



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ROCHESTER, N.Y. — The upstate New York bus monitor who was the target of a videotaped verbal assault at the hands of four middle schoolers does not want the boys to face criminal charges.
Police in the Rochester suburb of Greece say 68-year-old Karen Klein is happy with the swift and strong community response against the verbal attack, which was captured in a 10-minute video that went viral online.
Greece police Capt. Steve Chatterton says criminally charging the seventh-grade boys would require their actions to rise to the level of a crime. So far, the conduct hasn’t been found to reach that level. (Associated Press –CBS news)
Give them kid glove treatment and if they stomp you when down console yourself you led them to it. It would certainly seem we have finally found ways to shape the star material to speak for us when we are happy residents of the Fair Lawns at peace withe world and with ourselves. We neglected them and they have just proved we were woolly headed in child rearing.
Time and motion study was devised by some wise guy who thought the easiest way to silence a brat is to give in to his demands even if it were for the moon. Then it was quality time with children since work was invading personal lives of the employees. But they could not bring children to workplace so they had to be pacified with gamebox or wiiII. Have you eaten spaghetti with straws? Then you will know what is for time- crunched parents to define quality time. Then came booting all the parents off the premises by bosses by emails. Oh yes there was a global meltdown. (Is it not foolish to let go the best part of a society and make their character go down? Now your substance and also money gone!) Are the rich let off? No they have bought themselves into a life of superficiality. The harm done is only waiting to be discovered. Many more Stanfords and Maddofs have to be booked in some near future. Till then here is what we see.
The Corporate czars needed extended vacation with their brats off Bahamas, checking their offshore accounts and giving their sons a sample of the exotic lifestyle which were their manifest destiny. Private schools gave these privileged children already a head start how to make their wealth and privilege count. Was not Romney involved in some highschool jinks? And now it is his turn to define modern education.Well, well.

Alex Burgos, a campaign spokesman for the Mitt Romney campaign shared with education.com the presidential hopeful’s views on the most vital educational issues of today. Romney, for the most part, is supportive of NCLB. “It is crucially important for us to set high goals in education so that our kids can succeed in the new global economy,” Fine don’t you think. If we are letting bullying in any form go scotfree, remember we shall be the ones reaping it as in the case of the 68 year old monitor of Rochester.
Modern education is the way we throw the good grains away and harvest the chaff.


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One Roman Senator Odious Surpluss represented the Patrician class and served for one term. He loved the idea of holding power and privilege that came with his office. When Caesar fell he wanted to fill in the role of great Caesar. He harangued at the forum, same forum where Marcus Antonious urged the mob to take vengeance on his assassins,and he cited all that he could do if power were given to him. He promised bushels of grains treble the quota given to the citizens and lands for veterans who came from their service. Hoi Polloi received it all with cheer and applause. However some were raking up his past and there were quite a few unsavory details. Rumors of his greed went around the city. One evening at one house the clique that supported Octavian asked him to speak for himself. “Did you not grab the land earmarked for the veterans who came from the Gauls?”
Senator Odious slightly went pale but he defended saying, “I can bring witnesses who came from Spain and Germany”. He rolled out names of veterans from expeditions to these regions. Octavian who had silently heard these till then, laughed and Senator Odious shuddered. Octavian said,”If we ask what you were doing up North we do not want to hear what you were not doing in the West or East.”
This reminds me of a President hopeful lately trying to prove he is the most humane and compassionate man ever applied for the office.

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