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Parable of An Unprofitable Steward©
The king had to go on a long journey. Before he departed he called his council of servants, who were permitted to speak frankly at all times to hear his charge. He entrusted the care of ten cities to one servant whose abilities he counted most. Similarly he left seven cities under the charge of one who was of the second in rank; and three with his servant with limited abilities. Lastly he left the care of a harbor town with a servant who was of very middling abilities.
Before he took leave he exhorted them to rise to the challenge so he may have cause for greater confidence in them in future. Thus he left.
After a long absence the king returned and called his servants to account. Each servant had done well except the one who was entrusted with the harbor town.
The servant excused himself saying he had the most difficult time since he not only had to hold the town from internal strife but also keep enemies from coming in. “I just held the town from ruin till you came. Now I deliver the town just as it was back to you. ”
The king pointed to him the way other servants had gone and waged war with their neighbors and added territories twice as much.
The king stripped the harbor town from his hand and gave to his own son. The servant got very angry and said,” Sire, in your absence what did he do? He merely sat on your throne..”
The king replied, ” You are right. He just ruled as I would have. Under his watch all servants, excepting you, added to my kingdom. They proved they were kings in their own right. So they get to rule over their kingdoms from henceforth.”
He ended saying,” All you did was to conduct as a servant not to be found fault with. You cannot be of use to me. “
When you are expected to be like a king, the mindset of a servant will not do.

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