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Zeus and the Council of gods got all the creatures, almost all of them built to their satisfaction. There still remained some lump and they did not know what to do with it. Zeus slapped hard the putty-like stuff around. At one point the goddess of Agriculture said,’Aye, it looks almost like a sheep!’ Zeus stopped and said,’Sheep of the pasture, it cannot be then.” He waited for a suggestion. He scanned the horizon and saw there were vast stretches of pasture dried under global warming. ‘Ship of the desert!’ said Ganymede who was meanwhile filling their cups with wine.
The gods liked the idea. ‘I will send a couple of camels to fill that part of the world’. It was thus camels became staple feature of deserts.
When the ice age began there were marshes, and camels seeing hippos frolicking, thought they could be as strong as they. Later they saw wild assess gamboling and prayed Zeus to give something of their nature to them. Later it was giraffe that caught their imagination. ‘Oh Chief god, make us tall as they are. Ah what a curve!’ they bristled at their own hippo-like necks. Zeus often distracted by their incessant wishes,’ You shall have them all. Go and become a kind of entire animal kingdom in that impossible body of yours!’
Thus a camel carries the global warming and ice age; it has the sturdiness of hippos and bones and teeth like those of wild asses, rough hairiness of sheep’s wool. Camel had only one complaint,’We carry so much water within. Why must we carry for others?’ Zeus weary to his bone said,’Stop this nonsense.You shall need it. I am sending you to waste heaps, as a beast of burden.’
This is how camels who wanted to be sheep of the pasture ended as ship of the desert.

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When the merchant prince al- Marauf thought he would cross the Arabian desert he asked his friends if they felt inclined to accompany him. None wanted to make the journey. Disheartened at the polite refusal the merchant asked Mulla Nasruddin who out of the blue had dropped in. He asked if he felt up to make a journey. ‘ I must warn you, Mulla it might kill you.’ Mulla asked,’Are we going on camel’s back or take donkeys all the way?’
‘What has it got to do with crossing a desert?’ it was the turn of the merchant to be amazed. Mulla said,’ if we are taking camels I am your man. ‘ Mulla Nasruddin explained that he was an expert of camels. Merchant prince immediately set about his train of camels and baggage.
Soon after on an evening they set off. Everything was so quiet and by nights they would camp in some clearing and after a meal by campfire they would tell stories to entertain the company.One night it fell to the lot of Mulla Nasruddin to tell a story.
Mulla asked if they ever wondered why deserts came about. None knew. ‘ What you are crossing this great desert without knowing why?’
Mulla continued,’The First Man Adam, blessed be his name, was fashioned by Allah and He also made animals to amuse him. He told the four legged beasts,’ My beautiful creatures, show this Man how wonderful you are!’ On hearing the horses galloped while elephants showed how clever they were. Only camels remained unimpressed;and they stood there as if they were bored stiff. Adam felt sorry for their lot. He asked if they cared to accompany him and Eve. The animals shook their heads and it was awful! Never had they felt so awful with camels making them all the more downcast. The camels bore upon man and other animals as well. The dispirit of camels was spreading all through the creation of the Lord. Adam asked ‘ Who can bear this!’ almost pulling his hair by the roots. He asked the beasts,’Perhaps you will be pleased to see a great conflagration of fire?’ No response. Adam set fire to the garden and the camels merely turned their heads away in disgust. It made the First Man try harder. He did all to get some response from camels. To none effect.
One noon the camels made such a ruckus and Adam and Eve were awakened from their siesta. The camels were gamboling and kicking up heels in joy, unconfined! There was desert stretched out as far as eye could see. The garden was completely gone!
Camels at last found what pleased them most. The Lord of three worlds asked if Adam liked what he saw.
Adam shrugged his shoulders to say,’ That beautiful garden is gone for ever. But considering the awful look of camels that made our spirits squirm it is no big loss.’
Looking at the company who heard him in total silence, Mulla Nasruddin ended by saying, ‘Camels got what they wanted. And of course we lost gardens of the earth.’
Next morning as the caravan continued, the camel let out a such foul smelling fart. The merchant asked,’ I thought you were an expert on camels? Because of your story it is certain the camel took offense and I,- get his full blast!’
Mulla Nasruddin replied, I did not say I can anticipate what he will do on any given situation.’

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