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I am quoting a news item from SPACE.com of 18 May
Why we Exist?
‘The experiment has shown a small — but significant — 1 percent difference between the amount of matter and antimatter produced, which could hint at how our matter-dominated existence came about.’The results, announced Tuesday, came from analyzing eight years worth of data from the Tevatron collider at the Department of Energy’s Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory in Batavia, Ill.
I think in my post A look into Miracle I had stated this as a fact. I imagined it and now it is proved right.
Anti-matter always gets the short end of the stick. In the transaction over the counter between positve and negative aspects, Life always settles for the positive.
Why, life is for those who shall invest for the good of greater numbers. Instead of complaining life is passing me by I post a blog or write a novel or amuse myself or others.

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