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Mr. Leigh C. Bones may have been blessed with a handle Lazybones but he was in need of work like every other to give him satisfaction. He was up and early. He was looking for work. He went directly to A to Z Employment Agency.
He was in a line along with many others. He could see the poster behind the lady. It said. Work? A Child’s Play Here.
Mr.Bones knew he came to the right place. When his turn came up he was all- eager. Politely he said,’ Good morning, Miss!”
The lady laid aside some papers. She asked smartly for particulars while tapping some keys at her computer. He gave them. A few more taps and she was done. She smiled cheerfully glancing towards him. Mr.Bones knew work was a child’s play with the agency. He was glad that he joined up.
She asked while checking her papers, ”Work experience?”
“None.” Mr. Bones answered truthfully. The nice lady attending to him replied, ”Good!” He almost fell off in surprise. “Good did you say?”
“Yes,” she replied, “it saves the bother of filling in.” Mr.Lazybones could well appreciate it.
A man in overalls and wearing a hardhat came over to escort Mr.Lazybones. “Where are you taking me?” he asked him.

Mr.Lazybones did not have time to fully recover from his pleasant experience of joining up. “Your front desk was sure a child’s play.” Mr.Lazybones observed.
They were at a work site. The man in overalls showed shovels, which were stacked in one part of the field. “Have you made sandcastles as a child?” “Oh yes!” Mr. Lazybones said in excitement, ”Where is the beach, my good man?”
“The name is Mr. Foreman. “The man in hardhat said,
” There is no beach. But you worked with a shovel as a child. Did you not?”
“But I did it for fun.”
“Think this also as though you do for fun.”
“Impossible!”Mr.Lazybones replied, ”without a beach I cannot work myself into a mood.”
Mr.Foreman was irritated but he wanted to make work as a child’s play. Mr. Lazybones knew digging for a skyscraper was not his idea of fun. So the man escorted him to the site where workers were blasting a tunnel through a mountain. “Have you set off fireworks as a child?”
“That is a child’s play I can enjoy still.” Mr. Lazybones said with feeling, ”My friends and I would compete with one another to find who could set off the loudest noise possible. Good old days!”
“Good!” Mr. Foreman smiled. He led him to the store where explosives were kept. “You can work with them whole day!”
Mr. Lazybones saw those sticks, and warning labels plastered all over the place. He rummaged in his pocket for something, which his escort did not kindly take to. He asked,” See that sign over there? He nodded,” No smoking, it says; you are not going to blow up the whole place by smoking?” Mr.Lazybones in a shudder put back his kerchief. “ I am breaking out in a sweat.” He swallowed hard and added, “The whole place looks highly dangerous to me. Are you certain these sticks do not go off without warning?” Before Mr.Foreman could leave he caught up with him and said, “I shall not work without my friends.”
An angry Mr.Foreman led him to the place were bricks were heaped so high. So many hills they looked. “Have you played with coloured blocks as a child?”
“Well I have,”Mr.Lazybones said, ”But I am not a child to believe these are the same blocks I played with. These are bricks and if I were to handle these I shall get dirty.” Mr.Foreman was almost frothing in his mouth and his hands were itching to grab him by the throat.
“Besides working hard makes me sweat,”Mr.Lazybones suddenly broke off since the man had such a nasty look. He said, ”Mr. Foreman, I can see mention of work makes you very uncomfortable.”
Mr.Lazybones went home. His wife greeted him at the door and asked, ”Did you bring home the bacon?”
“Good did you say?”
“Good! That saves the bother of cooking.” She was called Mrs. Lazybones. Naturally.
A fine pair they were.

(Originallu posted on May 1,2009, and revised)


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