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Light, Forever Lit ©

From strangest shores to Bethlehem came

The wisest of the wise so they were reckoned:

Three bearing gifts, before Herod they came

They but found the world honors the false indeed.


From Galilee to Bethlehem came

The holy family by some decree;

Mary big with Child found no home

But a lowly manger by divine decree.


In the bleak midwinter a stable place sufficed

The Lord God Almighty, Jesus Christ.

A Caesar must live off taxes and be damned,

But forever blessed is Jesus Christ.


The star that led the rustic still shines

And we too have in that infant found it

Lit despite all gloom, and peace reigns;

We have found light what is forever lit.

(Reading Christina Rossetti’s In the Bleak Midwinter prompted this poem)



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Season’s Greetings

Thorough night or day

In sickness or health,

In being poor or rich

I know day follows night:

What is night but the gleam of light

Waiting to be let in?

Let your hearts with love and light surround,

If only you see the daybreak

Comes in a shower of blessings,-

I wish you all these and much more

But I shall not this blessed day sound a bore.


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And there were in the same country shepherds abiding in the field,keeping watch over their flock by night.” Lk:2:8

O Starry bright! I would that host of angels
Carol in their clearest tones tidings of Peace.
Long day it was! Oh how dull of hearing grown
While pall of darkness covers e’en our eyes as well-
Tarry no more! Waken us from our slumber
Jesus needs be born in our hearts once again,
This night we are up, quicken us as before
We tend our flocks for wild beasts, our labor in vain
O Night, O Holy Night, O Night divine
O Night, O Holy Night, O Night divine

Dress our sky,with beacons of hope,declare
The Star has risen for us, life abundant.
The child in manger shall preserve the life of man:
His golden rod shall lift the weak and poor,
His Word cast down the ramparts of evil pride,
How sublime the king of kings has thus shown!
For rest chose he not a kingly bed of ease
But the starry vault of heav’n, Shine on stars
O Night, O Holy Night , O Night divine!
O Night, O Holy Night , O Night divine!

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Christmas At Heathrow©

So we’ll take no more a Boeing
Even if we want to,
Though the heart be, oh, a- winging
And the hearth be still ablaze.
For the sleet and snow falling
Has the runway out of sight-
So Christmas at Heathrow is
Our sad plight this year.

Though the ticket was all proper-
Homecoming, alas, must wait;
Though the heart be a-winging
We can’t shovel our way out.

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My regift bounces back. Send to some one else?


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