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Two princes Siddiq and Yousef were like two peas in a pod but their fathers found them so contrary in temperament and approach to life. Siddiq the son of Emir of Ajmer was quiet contemplative while Yousuf the son of the Emir of Pathankot very impulsive and headstrong. Their kingdoms small and contiguous to one another the princes grew up together. Siddiq one day saw a dream and he told his playfellow. “Imagine being knocked over by the sun! It disappeared right through the ground.” The prince was so impressed and added,”Imagine all that remained was a stone tree where the sun had disappeared.” Next it was the turn of Yousef who told his dream. He said he had tied his chariot drawn by two horses but it was all gone when the sun shone brightly. As though the horses were carved of ice!”

Years went by. Siddiq was more immersed in scholarly works and Sufi teachers and thought the earth was as one pond in which the kingdoms were so many leaves flowering and fading. Slowly his interest in governing his kingdom became of less interest to him. Mercifully Yousef who was all for power descended on Ajmer and sent Siddiq into exile.
In a way Siddiq was relieved. He went with one of his trusted friend as a monk. He was intrigued by his dream that now and then recurred mostly the same images, the stone tree, the sun and it signified something to him.
One day Yousef as the first lord of the realm would authorize the union of Ajmer and Pathankote into one state.

During the coronation an earthquake split the spot where Emir Youse was seated. No more of him. Siddiq after hearing the calamity told his companion looked up and said, “Had I not relinquished the throne, I would have been the casuality.” Now that I have life left I shall sit under that strange tree and spend my life in quiet contemplation.
All that Siddiq hoped for was being enlightened as to mysteries of life. He saw in the sun as a source that made it all possible.

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candide-1 kopie

In a castle of Americana, Vermont , belonging to the banker Jonas Rosenberg, lived a youth, whom nature had endowed with the most gentle manners.  I suppose, of his being called Candide owes to his transparency to the point of being gullible. He was eager to be taught. He did not mind what as long as it was what passed for facts. Oh his tutor Pangloss never tired of making this impressionable youth know facts of this life and of world to come; he led him with precepts he had learnt at the cost of life experience. They would be seen at all hours during the day under all kinds of weather. The castle grounds were extensive and there were parks and benches that took care of the weariness of walking. Dr. Pangloss was sure to drill into the head of his pupil why the banker was the most blessed. ‘You are the most lucky to have found the Castle of Americana for growing up. He belongs to the One Percent Club  and you have a head start on all other youths of your generation.

candide-2 kopie

Pangloss was professor of metaphysico-theologico-cosmolo-nigology. He proved admirably that there is no effect without a cause, and that, in this best of all possible worlds, the Banker’s castle was the most magnificent of castles.

“It is demonstrable,” said he, “that things cannot be otherwise than as they are; for all being created for an end, all is necessarily for the best end. Observe, that the nose has been formed to bear spectacles—thus we have spectacles’. Mind you, do not dismiss your guardians wealth is a cause.

“So do I spend it all, Dr. Pangloss, so we honor the cause -effect?

For Dr. Pangloss it sounded reasonable since money was the cause for all misery for 99 Percent Muppets.

(To be continued)

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Aesop sourgrapes

A Fox who was good at burrowing and digging could not find work in the woodlands. So feeling the pinch he roamed the country side. Nothing he could find to fill his belly or keep him occupied.
As for digging a well, the drought had killed his chance. Besides the head of the village advised him, “Go to the city, young man. The city has organized delivery of water here. No well-digging needed.”
So he headed towards the city.It bore the name,” City of Painted Words.” He applied for a job and got it. He stayed on. He had to work hard wading through muck with out safety gear. He asked for one and he was told,” There are so many who would die to be in your shoes. If you want work stop making demands.” Only then he realized in order to conceal unsanitary conditions the City had painted words to create a Department of Health! The more Mr. Fox worked he found salary being linked to some unexplained law of economics grew steadily smaller and smaller. In short the City had painted over the word Work to squeeze the workers before time.” He left.
Next he arrived in the City of Painted Dreams. Ill in health and seeing double the fox saw a mural. Very cleverly the vines and grapes were painted. Didn’t the city exhort him to be part of that dream! So he spent a long time to get some of the luscious grapes that seemed almost within reach. His retirement benefit plans assured him a life of ease in the Bahamas! It was in 2008 I think the whole plaster crumbled and revealing a shoddy brick wall. It was incredible it had survived that long! One million promised to him on retirement has been wiped because the company invested with Lehman Brothers. 

Mr. Fox in his old feeble condition said,” I ought to have known before I set out I was not suited to work with false promises. Hard work seems to redeem some who are far cleverer and more unscrupulous than I am.” In an imperfect world as we see one’s dream is painted over by those who put one’s hard earned pay, time health and security into jeopardy.”
Moral: Work is where you, being in control of your mind and your resources, know how to realize your dreams. Your sweat! your grapes!

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