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Hamid the Sponge could call on Mullah anytime. He was a playfellow from his youth. One day he turned up and saw a stone jar of pickles. Mulla explained it was 40 years old. ‘A family heirloom you could say, Hamid,’ Instantly Hamid asked, ‘Can I borrow some?’ Mulla refused.  Mulla turned the subject and said,’My wife just made halwa, Lucknowi style.  ‘ Come let me bring it’

Hamid tasted it and Mulla asked,”How is it?’ Hamid said,’Please wrap this for me. I’ll taste it at home and let you know.’

mullah-15Later  Mulla Nasruddin dropped in on his village and called on his old playfellow. Hamid took him to introduce him to his friends.

At one place while they chatted the subject came around to halwa. Each one had his own speciality.  Mulla brightened up and said,’I am sure about what goes into Lucknowi halwa.’

‘Lucknowi halwa?’ one asked,’Never tasted one,’Mulla how does that taste?’ Mulla shrugged his shoulders and said,’

‘How do I know? Hamid ought to know what it is like’

Later as Hamid took him home he said,’Why do you bring me into your talk? I insist: keep me out of it’

Next time Mulla was at the house of another local worthy and he had to say while the question of Halwa came up. Mulla held his hand up and said,’I know how Lucknowi halwa is made. But keep our friend Hamid out of it.’


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Rashid was the youngest son of Mulla Nasruddin. Being son of his old age he was spoilt and Mullah doted on him. One evening Mulla took him along to take the air in the royal gardens.

The boy was sure the stick was not necessary for his father. He threw it away causing unforeseen trouble for the Mulla.


Mulla took the boy back home assuring the local worthy to drive some sense into the boy.’After all you are a chip of the old block’ said the Mulla, ‘Beating you is like beating me. So there is only one thing left.’

Mulla beat the old tree saying,’See what trouble your stick has caused me?’


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Wonder Tales-2-comic strip series

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Half Half- Cornered!

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Half Half-out of towners

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Half Half-comic strip

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A fat cat heard there was a tribe which was reported as lost and he heard from his contacts where the tribe might be found. So the fat cat called up his reserves and organized a rescue party.

Fat Cat named Black Cutter also called his right hand man and said,’We are going to the Amazon Basin. There is a lost tribe and we are going there to make them an offer they cannot refuse.’ The number two said, the earth movers are ready in convoy one and in the next we have loggers with their giant cutters, and in the third we have bazookas, sidewinders and grenades. I have a carpet bag full of metal caps, glass beads,frisbees and so on. We first trade hectares of rainforest for glass beads and if they refuse to play game we will smoke them out, right,Boss?’

Fat cat Black cutter was aghast,’You are way off the mark. We will first treat their sickness. We move in as physicians. We call ourselves ‘Native Medicine without frontiers.’

” I didn’t know they were sick, boss?”

“”Sure,’ replied the fat cat smoothly,’Getting lost in these days of global communication is a sickness we shall treat.’

The number two understood,’Oh yes we shall treat them till the rainforest is found into our coffers,- all converted into currency.

Thus they went being certain their civilized approach will be welcomed.

Convoy of trucks finally made to the area the tribe had made their home. The aborginals were more like birds, their speech more tweets than words and their dress in plumes of exotic birds only found in the Amazon. Unknown to the fat cat they had thousands of warriors hidden in the forest with blowpipes. The visitors looked around and they knew they were watched by warriors who didn’t show themselves but the bird calls proved they were watching them intently.

The fat cat told the chief that there was some rumor that they were ailing. The chief said,’Nature took care this far. We shall do well as soon as we see the last of you.’ The fat cat saw warriors hidden in the forest and beat a hasty retreat.
Moral: Relying on highTech is progress that cannot however match the progress of native wisdom to sense the evil intention and take preventive steps.


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