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Rain in Spain stays on the plain;

What shall we do with California wine?

It is plain, -what a shame
Gone sour in a tariff war.


Wine and blood are red:

Madder than hell is wine gone bad

It is plain-what a shame

Gone sour in a tariff war.


Luminum shall wilt,

So shall steel melt,

When China say Boo!

Some shall say: ” Cheese!

There is glut in the Market

But bread in the basket

Shall wait for no man-

Pass some butter please!


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O Lord,
Light my fire.
You that live in Pure Light
What fires we set here are
From our burning hearts;
Those whom You have
condemn’d to perdition
Know a little spill here,
And a little there will
Kill all.
Oil is not well that ends well, O lord.
I am too weak to set a mushroom cloud
But with fire burning in me,
let me do reverence to you.
Got a match on you,good ole’ Luciphor?
benny (no matches found)

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A Job left Undone-2

There is more to dentistry
Than I learned in history;
Take out the kings and dates
From dusty tomes
Where does that leave you?
That you have come far
Without kings, caps and bells?-
Tosh! What tomfoolery!
Dentistry and I happily went
Till the man in white,
In a cloud of halitosis
Took a peek at my teeth;
Said he thus: “It curls my toes
To see you without crown!”

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My Acidulous Body

You know what I think?
My body got stuck
In a tangle of arms and legs;
Arms need elbow room
And legs need ground
To stand on.
They get what they wish for;
As for body simple
Nothing but annoyance:
Fingers pick lint
Off navel unasked,
Or scratch the small of  back
As tho’ they did it some service.
Such complaints flying back and forth
Pile up : you think with a body
Bellyaching as mine
My head would sit as placid
As paperweight?

If not for my neck
My ears, nose and head
In an acidulous body
Broiled would have:
You know what I think?

With such incongruous  mix
Of arms and legs split and jointed
What can thoughts do but seek upwards?

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