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My first thirty years I spent listening to music and it was a period of great stress- I mean for my father. He wanted me to get a move on. I had a sure thing going for me. When he raised his voice I turned the volume several notches high. With trial and error I knew when the slats of the venetian blinds quivered it meant my father’s voice was drowned in general mayhem of heavy metal. I would have continued but when Michael Jackson came with his Bad album I knew I could be a rock star. Only that I had to try moon-walk and perfect my routine. Funny I vowed them all except my father.
He was nowhere to be found. It was a mystery! In the end my mom told me that he was away. ‘Away? But where?’ I asked feeling a certain anxiety as TV screen going blink while Michael Jackson walked his song. I asked Mom to tell the truth. She just avoided my eyes. The mystery deepened and later I found that he took to be an astronaut while I had filled his home with the sound of music. When he is coming home,I was anxious I should win him over. It made me feel some pricks of conscience that I let him down. I said to myself, ‘I will make me a star. My father will be sorry that he took me for a never-do-well’.
That evening I took a battered suitcase with my boom-box amplifier and a change of clothes. I went out into the street and walked into the telephone booth just as Superman would do and put on my version of Michael Jackson suit. It had every kind of button some even I had sniitched from baby sister’s teddy bear collection. Well she may be bawling her eyes out for the blind and snout-less bears in her collection but I was dressed to kill.
Seeing me come out in my working clothes the crowd made room for me. Some laughed and some took out their dark glasses to cut out the 1000 watt dazzle. I pressed the switch while the guitarist riffed in the back ground, I walked. Some steps were the easiest since I was doing them under no provocation. Then I gave the crowd a kind of performance they never expected. ‘ Michael Jackson come to life! the crowd went berserk. They crowed, they jeered and mostly they made catcalls but I could duck and swivel and sidestep when the law tried to cut in. The lip- sync went on even when the straitjacket came out of the back of the wagon. I am an artist and the show must go on!’ I murmured.
‘Wonder of wonder!’ One night cooling in the police station brought my father out and he said,’Son, you music was too loud so I took to space travel, to give my ears rest.’
I made a few steps to show my skill even as we came down the steps. ‘Now that you are here, I found me a career. I want to rock the world in some 30 steps.’
My father chose not to reply.

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