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In the medieval India there lived a mystic on this side of River Godavari. Before he became the teacher of Truth he was called Gampa Guru. He grew up among ordinary folks, all weavers belonging to same community. In Kothipalli of course one knew his place and the weavers were almost at the bottom, a cut above the untouchables. As a boy he knew one who had changed all that. He was  Mahirshi Shoonya to whom kings and the poor alike gave respect. Naturally the folks of Kothipalli made much of the sage and his great gifts. He was a devotee of Brahma, the creator and he settled himself at the foot of the Himalayas below a shrine that was dedicated to Shiva, the destroyer. Shiva is in the Hindu pantheon of gods, a manifestation of the Trinity. To every pilgrim who passed him  to do obeisance to the image of him in the form of a Shivalinga, Maharshi Shoonya would say, ‘Remember Brahma, the ultimate principle!”
“But we have come to worship, Shiva the destroyer!”
“Just the same mind Brahma. Will you?”
All the pilgrims took him for one with special gifts, touched by gods meaning that he had lost his marbles.
Once young Gampa Guru alias Paramartha, went to the Shrine in the company of his father. Mahirshi as usual called out to them to mind Brahma. “I have come for neither, Mahirshi” Gampa Guru replied,” I have come to show respect to you?”
“If so why visit Shiva? Brahma is the one you ought to worship.”
The boy asked,  “Pray what is your name?”

Shunya as in Punya.” ( Nothingness as in Holiness )
Turning to his father, the boy whispered, ”See him, father the one who sits there?” “That mad Mahirshi who tries to distract all to worship Brahma instead?”
“He isn’t against Shiva! “ the boy said seriously,” He says consider the seed of Life, consider the creator!” The old Mahirshi who overheard him came to him and told the father of the boy,” He ought to sit there instead of me.” His father was surprised beyond words.
*The whole universe is spun out of opposites. We approach Life in order to be swallowed by Death. We gather wealth and prestige while we lose something else in the bargain. Matter is of material nature that allows our senses to make some sense out of it. Whereas every matter comes with its abstract nature as well. When we speak of God or light as ideas we are also setting up Satan or Darkness by the same token.

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