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Green algae form the basis of Arctic food chain. The March sun that filters through the Arctic Sea helps their growth and they form the staple diet for the Arctic carp; ring seals survive the extreme Arctic cold by feeding on these carps. Polar bears survive in turn by preying upon the seals. It is possible only because of an order that drives each life form to run on predictable lines. Such a certainty is the basis for the food chain.

This order is created because of material nature: each species express it and in that process have also acquired an ability to anticipate events.
How these species connect to one another in terms of survival is drawn from wisdom and power, a finite aspect of Cosmic Mind.

Oneness is in all and through all: so much so every life form is of same weight with reference to it.
How we limit purpose or usefulness of other species speaks more of our ignorance than truth.

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Life’s strengths are such no one may carry singly; life has its beauty and pleasures,- and no man or woman can contain these alone; Life also holds so many inconveniences and sorrow beyond measure that no soul may  bear singly. Life has only one secret: you are alone as an individual and yet you are nourished and negated by the same causes that give you the utmost benefits in fellowship with everything else”.


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