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Emphasis on wealth in terms of money than people with character has brought home one harsh truth which however shall not make any change to the march of progress. What man has begun must draw to its inexorable conclusion. Truth that must make us shudder is in this: crime pays.
Since we have opted for pragmatism than utility and making wealth above everything else we may as well accept our foolishness before we show our hypocrisy as well. After all money does not make a distinction between crook or a decent hard worker.
“Take how the global financial system works: In 2009, the Italian economist at the helm of the UN’s Office on Drugs and Crime dropped something of bombshell: Antonio-Maria Costa claimed that organised crime helped to bail out a global banking system on the verge of fiscal Armageddon in 2008. The banking system at the time was starved of liquid capital. The wise guys offered a lifeline. Monies from criminal activities – something to the tune of US$352 billion of drug profits according to Costa – provided a number of banks with much needed capital to prevent them going over the cliff into oblivion, a situation brought about by the casino of mortgage backed securities.
Costa refused to name the names of institutions bailed out by the cosa nostras and camorras of this world. That said, HSBC – and this is a matter of public record – between 2006 and 2010 helped the Mexican Sinaloa cartel and the Colombian Nortre del Valle cartel launder close to US$1 billion.”
If we see what is wrong with the world where no nation can live in amity with another or balance their books right and feel impoverished despite hogging up the wealth common to mankind, the answer is simple: morality has been abdicated by those who make a show of it and put material affluence first than the well-being of people. Without feeding the inner resources of people, without putting to work resilience, moral sense,imagination, fortitude, fairness work ethics and above all justice no one can be called civilized. Civilization without man being civilized shall lead to such a set up where we shall throw the book at crooks which shall be for public consumption since we borrow their money to balance the book.
(quote from The Conversation- article: When crooks get rich the whole economy benefits- Mike Marinetto, Lecturer in Business Ethics at Cardiff university/20 May,2014)

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