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Physicists still have no proof that dark matter exists at all, but the evidence for it is substantial. The movements of stars and galaxies can apparently be explained only if there is much more gravitating matter in the universe than the visible stuff of atoms and molecules. Attempts to correct the discrepancy by rewriting the rules of gravity in Einstein’s general theory of relativity have repeatedly failed.

WMIPs (weakly interacting massive particles) and Theoretical particles called axions are other oft-mentioned candidates. Dark Matter must be the hand that rocks the cradle of Cosmos, the verb in the sentence I AM THAT I AM.

This reminds me of the lines:

There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,

Than are dreamt of in your philosophy..’ (Hamlet Act I. Sc.v)

Shall we insert Science in place of the last word?




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“Soul is your signature , that stands for you; it is your word standing its own in the cosmic silence; it is a tacit agreement you have entered with the universe to be a light in darkness wherever it happens. It is a seal that is not broken though your body hits the dust.”


Originally a comment left of a blog which I regularly follow. 

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The Planets whizz past the pod

And see the confluence of the living

And the dead-these are memories 

The Greater Pod beyond the pulse

Of Time and Space

Has laid out by rule and line.

Seek memory what is not graven in your eye- 

I seek your verity and dare not make difference of what is or what was.

It is the seed in What will be-

Love is a pod where nothing spills asunder.


I let Venus immolate in a fireball

That belllowed a storm in her wake.

Andromeda and her sisters wept

While my silvery shafts broke fall

Between the Great Divide of matter- 

No matter the dark matter do have a say

When I say yea to be integral

And indivisible of the Pod Illumined

Beyond my silly sentiments of 

Being straight as an arrow 

In a Space where the bulls eye 

Pulses every point one dwells upon.

I take the blame I bowed my knees to gods

That sounded euphonious

But left those who dared not bear a name as such.

Love was silent and yet carried her name well;

So was he who chose Love but dared not

Seek gender as such.


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The other night the American Museum of Natural History hosted its 14th annual Asimov Memorial Debate, which featured five leading thinkers opining about the nature of nothing.

This sort of nothing–the absence of matter–we might consider to be the first level of nothing, clarified J. Richard Gott, a physicist and cosmologist at Princeton University and the author of “Sizing Up the Universe: The Cosmos in Perspective.” It’s what scientists call a quantum vacuum state. It’s a box with everything taken out of it–all the stuff, all the air, all the light. ” Yet even in this nothing, something remains. Virtual quantum particles pop in and out of being, and the empty box still contains the basic scaffolding of existence: space, time and quantum fields.

“Nothing is the most important part of the universe,” said Lawrence Krauss, the author of book “A Universe from Nothing.”

We have here something to chew about. It may be also tagged Much about nothing.

Why is an empty cup important? Because of the empty space. It can be filled. That is why.

If all the matter including fundamental particles in cosmos were to be clumped together will there be nothingness?

How can nothingness in cosmos kept up, when matter is connected to anomalous matter, which may only be relative to something else?

Each atom in our body is a universe with neutron, proton and electrons not touching each other. There is space relative to ‘nothingness’. This nothing is our equivalent to ancient mapmakers who put down ‘terra incognita’ in the maps they drew up.


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In 300,000 tests, the six baboons distinguished between real and fake words about three-out-of-four times, according to the study published in Thursday’s journal Science.
In finding the letters in words and the relations between these letters – they are capitalising on a pre-existing ability to identify everyday objects, which we share with non-human primates. Man learned to read in the Fertile golden Crescent in the Middle East some 5000 years ago and it is in evolutionary timescale,a bleep. It must be instinctive and is a specific area behind the left ear.
The baboons, however, are only spotting sequences of letters so they can get fed. They don’t actually understand what the words mean.
“The baboons use information about letters and the relations between letters in order to perform our task… This is based on a very basic ability to identify everyday objects in the environment,” Dr. John Grainger at the Aix-Marseille University told BBC Nature.
Researchers in France discovered our hairy genetic cousins can recognize hundreds of four-letter words on a computer screen, and they can tell a real word apart from a nonsense jumble of letters. The key is that these animals not only learned by trial and error which letter combinations were correct, but they also noticed which letters tend to go together to form real words, such as SH but not FX, said Grainger. So even when new words were sprung on them, they did a better job at figuring out which were real.
Trees can communicate with man. Only that it is in the way these convert into oxygen from the amount of carbon dioxide that we exhale. Non verbal, verbal chemical communications are part of interactive world of which we barely understand.

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Let me recall the analogy of three equilateral triangles used in a previous post. Synergy of wisdom and power animates life forms according to laws of Nature. When we discuss Oneness within this Pagoda it is synergy meant here. Synergy or Cosmic Mind can define forms as well as give the relationships between species and space, a certain unity.
There is no such thing as mind as brain as a part of physical body. Cosmic Mind has no need of form but can add to physical form a certain consciousness. One will notice within the Golden Pagoda, form and function are all endowed with a certain similarity that cannot be merely an accident.
Let me give an an example of our Milky Way. A nebulous gaseous cloud tends to form a spiral shape with arms. A double spiral in a DNA defines order: material nature expressed by a form as distinct from another.
When cream is poured into a stirred cup of coffee shows up a striking resemblance to galaxies with outer parts of arms trailing around its centre. Is it merely a coincidence or does it speak of an order?
Spiral is a common shape in nature. It occurs in a pine- cone, sunflower and in shells of marine organisms. For example: nautilus. Totally different spirals can be modeled mathematically: one feature whether enlarged or smaller doesn’t change the basic character of a spiral.
Coiled continually like a watch spring, a spring is as much a spiral as the threads of a screw that is a helix. In a helix there is a relationship between radius and pitch: you may shorten the pitch but radius is fixed. In a two-dimensional spiral distance between spirals is the same.
In a material universe material nature expresses Oneness in the way a form defines relationships. A spiral demonstrates it; so shall two hydrogen molecules with one molecule of oxygen. In such a relation the form collapses. Instead water is formed.
Cosmic Mind is to be understood as the all pervasive interplay of wisdom and power at any plane within this Pagoda.
In the system of three equilateral triangles one may consider creating frustums* anywhere, which would be dimensions that touch the three sides. (*The part of a solid, such as a cone or pyramid, between two parallel planes cutting the solid, especially the section between the base and a plane parallel to the base.)
Man can only make sense of four dimensions. Cannot the Cosmic Mind without a form so to speak create anywhere a frustum that may give man who sees in the Immensities the form he is comfortable with? If St. Paul is talking about being taken to the third heavens the form was set out by Cosmic Mind, which requires no form for itself. By the same token Prophet Ezekiel Muhammad or Moses might see the Highest each according to his mind’s bent and inclination.
The Mind that can deal Wisdom and Power to each life form does not ask account but in the way it shall affect its own progress it is predetermined.
Moral sense of the Mind is formless but every life form gives it a definite shape in the way it rewrites the entire cosmos in a new way.The signature of God or whatever name one may give it is in all and through all.

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Cosmos is One, Mankind is One
Cosmos is our nursery and within the Golden Pagoda we see that no one is singled out for special favor; neither is there any special dispensation that makes a certain group garner most of the advantages while the rest make do with what is left as best as they can.
Every life form serves a purpose regardless of its size.
Physical law sets miniscule spores and a star like our sun, which is on a gigantic scale on the same standard. It is not in the matter of physical size but where material principle is same. It is consistent. There is a certain consistency in the way it can under pin interaction between the two. Certain species of root fungus (i.e. mycorrhizae) live among plants. Fungus receives carbohydrates and in turn it enhances nutritive intake of the plant. Thus a gigantic red sequoia tree is helped just as the survival of whales depend on the availability of phytoplankton.
Carbon is the basic element of life. It is always on the move shuttling between atmosphere, oceans and land. Plant growth takes large amounts of carbon dioxide out of the air and oxygen is sent out in a natural cycle. This complex web of carbon cycle is built up out of great many interactions simultaneously taking place in the atmosphere, oceans and land.
The more CO2 oceans absorb the more acidic they become posing a threat for the shell building sea-life. The ocean’s deep cold waters hold huge amounts of carbon as much as the atmosphere. The carbon dioxide in the air and the upper layers in the waters move at faster rate than the depths where it may take centuries to hit the bottom. Such imbalances found in the natural cycles but allowed to resolve over great stretch of time must similarly explain in the slow maturing of the fortunes of any nation while some other groups of people seem to benefit from the fruits of civilization sooner than others.
If this cycle were to disappear think of disastrous consequences that would result?


The human body has some 100 trillion cells carrying about ten times as many microorganisms in the intestines. To consider them as part of the body it stretches the credulity of our imagination. But consider the metabolic activities performed by these bacteria and it is so vital that it is called our forgotten organ.( Gut Flora a Forgotten Organ-O’Hara AM, Shanahan F-July 2006) . The microorganisms perform a host of useful functions, such as fermenting unused energy substrates, training the immune system, preventing growth of harmful, pathogenic bacteria, regulating the development of the gut, producing vitamins for the host (such as biotin and vitamin K), and producing hormones to direct the host to store fats. By the same token some species are thought to be capable of causing disease or increasing cancer risk for the host.
Yet considering the useful service they do they are as efficient as an organ but forgotten.

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