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Sai Baba is dead! Long live Sai Baba.
India need one god to take over all the problems of being an Indian. Foreigners are also welcome.
This time we have slightly changed our criteria. The god that we choose need not build hospitals or schools. He has nothing to do for alleviating the miseries of being poor or sick. He must bear every uncertainty of our existence. It is so simple.
If our law is not adequate an higher law of one man-one god will apply.
If a hungry man comes the god must produce out of thin air laddus and it should conform to Agmark.
If a devotee comes to hear words of comfort, god must turn himself into a vending machine churning out homilies at the drop of 100 rupees pm.
If man and woman require a hug the god must be able to envelop the person in need, in a bear hug.
If one comes with inauspicious horoscope create one that is unbeatable whether on earth or in paraloka
If one comes for a darshan give the person what he desires. Only that he does in return what god wants to see: the color of his money.
Only certainty a worshipper needs in India is that he can throw all his uncertainties onto another. An Indian spiritualizes that it requires a god to recognize another god. Of course some might say the fool has just met a crook. Not so with India with their problems,- mostly of the making of fools whether in the ruling or in the ruled class.
Thus a god you must have for peace of mind. No two ways about it.
The relation between God and his bhaktas is predetermined. No exception allowed.
Let us see what does an Indian do? He passes all his worries onto his family,community and the nation without a sweat. If he has undertaken a megaproject he has taken loan using the good offices of some bigwigs without intention of ever honouring his debt of honour; if he has married off his sons he has already bilked the girls parents with tall tales of his son’s amazing future; one son is already in air,a pilot (holding a fake certificate) and nobody knows the uncertainty of their lives are handed over to him in good faith; he has other sons applying for higher education on quota exclusively meant for the poor by tampering with the records -and some middle level bureaucrats are already accomplices in his shenanigans, he has under several loopholes avoided paying taxes to the concerned department and many other. What with all these incredible escapades to be one step ahead of others in the simple matter of living, all that is left are uncertainties. Naturally the god must be of immense talents-no matter holy or unholy, to give him the assurance. Producing an air of plausibility where there is none is essential in god.
So if you have such a talent step out of the crowd of cyphers,blancos,nobodies. The job commands crores and mega crores of rupees.gold ingots,precious metals- all tax-free!
If you have some physical oddity like a melon for a head and a bittergourd for nose never mind. All we need to know is you can speak and a dramatic flair to produce some trifle out of nowhere.
Tailpiece: Per day some 47 farmers commit suicide out of desperation in India. This has been going on for sometime. They attain the lotus feet of the gods and these gods are not to be confused with the god we choose for the foolish,crooked and the lazy ignoramuses.

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The fellow who by sweat  and tears in the end reaches a key position to steal the company wholesale. He goes to Lichestein and dreads the day the kingdom changes its  tax haven status.  Whileone who never did a day’s honest work floats a pyramid scheme and makes off with it to a rogue nation. He gets instantly a celebrity status. His loot by a special Presidential decree is  free from any taint.

Moral: Thieves stick together  and even their law knows which side is more crooked than the other.



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Religion is for man. Quality of religion is such an abstract quantity that makes no sense unless it is shown in practice.

Religion requires a base from which anyone may show off the merit of belief-systems that he subscribes to. Man is one such. He or she may demonstrate its color and other qualities. It is said of Cicero that even as a child his fame was such parents of his schoolmates came to see for themselves the pupil who carried such an excellent  report. Religion is now debased that each one chatters the quality of his or her religion and we see no one ever showing the proof in their lives. Megachurches hold thousands of listeners where the preacher gives his performances. One would think he has some serious personality problems that he requires so many lights on him and he needs to show his best side, in terms of his looks and morals, in order to keep the crowd’s attention. Take any religion and you see those who preach too loud so often are farther from demonstrating the merits. Speaking doesn’t mean proof. Love thy neighbor as thyself. One may speak of it every hour and it doesn’t demonstrate one is proving love that he so vigorously declaims. Praying five times a day  for this reason means nothing.

Idiots are everywhere in churches or in mosques and they are degenerate idiots who preach in order not to fulfill the very demands of their religion.


Man as a social animal needs to belong and he often continues the traditions of his parents without questioning whether the merits of their belief were proved in their own lives. Churches over the years have been getting leaner. Is it because people have found religion had not filled their pockets with cash or larders with goods? No. Those who were placed in positions of trust to lead the children of men into ways of righteousness have misled their flock. Out of their own personal ambitions or out of their stupidity. He who preaches his infallibility and also hides evil priests is a Satan’s disciple.  Protestant and Catholic churches are not freed from this. How can such evil men lead the men to better themselves? Or Mullahs who preach hate and use children in the name of Jihad to pull chestnuts from fire for their own ends? Christianity and Islam alike have failed in their practice.  Take religions from all over the world. Do they make the Earth a better place?

It is not the fault of religion which are ideas but men who have lapsed in their thinking. They have fouled up the earth with their stupidity. No more proof is needed as to this than seeing the environment pollution around us. Recently an astronaut seemed to have observed the Earth has changed for the worse. In Hebraic tradition of Creation God gave Adam domination over the Earth and the Rule is still valid. Aren’t we all guilty of flouting it? Christianity has always given an undue emphasis to man, his soul and his obedience to body of men whose merits for commanding such honor have not been always proved beyond doubt. Think of all the witch hunts throughout history. How the Church has treated women for witches? Their sins? They loved the earth and worshiped the spirits they didn’t understand. We say we understand our spirits and yet we do not follow them. What difference is then between organized religion and paganism? Will slaughtering suspected members of the cults help? If pagans let nature cure their ills the Churches relied on their own cure miracles and their members, the so called  physicians try their cure.  In a way it has been detrimental in developing a respect for environment.

Now the Earth cults are gaining ground but how much responsible are they? Many of them may have genuine desire to live close to the nature but do they have a cohesive and positive plan based on universally acknowledged facts to reclaim the Earth from deteriorating  any further? I do not see any such body that holds the credentials. There are many cult groups each flexing his  muscles in his own fashion. Private revelations and gifts are not the answer but a clear scientific temper that can enthuse all men to respect his own hearth and backyard; who dares to claim his or her moral soundness for the good of all. Neither Pope nor a shaman has it in himself to speak of religion without his credentials of humanness. Science speaks for discipline and education.  If these cannot make a man to think for himself what is the purpose of science?

Religion is for man. Is man for such religions that are short of proving with deeds?


Overheard: Thank God! I am an atheist!

An atheist is a silly man who denies God but cannot understand how close to Him he is nevertheless. It is to be proved with his life and from his context with all things living.  If his humanness cannot make him rise above some contrary beliefs or atheism he is foolish indeed. Merely mouthing the tag of his non-belief proves his foolishness.  Religion and lack of it should not hold unearned influences. Neither should Science.


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