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Here is a AP news item Maoist Sect Scrutinized in Wake of UK Slavery Case

LONDON December 1, 2013 (AP)

Ian Haworth, founder of Britain’s Cult Information Center, said brainwashing techniques appear to have been used to keep the three freed women in the group. Experts in cult strategies have often studied the way the Chinese government used such techniques during Mao’s reign, he said.

“The woman saying, ‘you’re part of the fascist state’ again and again — I would simply say that whatever combinations of techniques are being employed are clearly working,” he said. “The idea of them being psychologically held for 30 years makes a great deal of sense to me.”

When Sian Davies died after mysteriously falling out of a window in a south London house 16 years ago, her family was stunned — they had not seen her for two decades.

Davies had moved to London as a young woman pursuing a master’s degree, but soon she cut off virtually all contact with her family and disappeared from sight. Her relatives gathered that she had gotten tangled up with a cult — a secretive, closely knit Maoist group whose members lived together in a communist collective. The family knew little else, and was none the wiser even after her death…

Hockx, the professor of Chinese studies, said Maoism should not be blamed for the London cult. But he acknowledged that extreme propaganda — bombarding people with slogans until they are afraid of being caught not repeating them — was a key feature during the height of China’s Cultural Revolution, which began in 1966.

Through the years Davies sent a few letters home, and only broke her silence once — in 1996. She phoned but said very little, brushing aside concerns about her wellbeing, Morgan said.

“The next time I saw her was in the morgue,” said Morgan, who was furious that the collective had not notified her family during the seven months Davies survived in a hospital after the fall.

“They gave no chance to her mother to say goodbye to her only daughter,” Morgan said. “They showed no compassion at all. It was just cruel.”

When the inquest ended without conclusion — the coroner returned what is called an “open verdict” — a commune member, Josephine Herivel, approached Morgan and asked if they could talk about Davies.

Morgan rebuffed her. “I said no,” Morgan said. “I just said what you had done is wicked, or words to that effect.”

Fast forward 16 years, and Herivel, now 57, was identified as one of the three women freed after some 30 years in the collective.( reported for Ap by Sylvia Hui)

In the early 70 there was a split in Communist Party of India and Naxalite movement belonging to Mao than Marxism was engaged in violent activities. This ‘Comrade Bala’ seems to belong to this radical group. There was also another movement called Proutism. All these movements by hind sight have degenerated into making brutes of each as the leader of the South London cell in all probability is.  (Shri. Aravind Balakrishnan’s guilt is not yet fully established.) In whichever case we find people seized by ideas and given their full flow of idealism take on the world but end up as brutal taskmasters. They are as deceived as those whom they brainwash. The trail of misery they leave behind is unbelievable! Not to mention the loss in human resources and their potential wasted beyond redemption.)

China has learned to move away from Mao as should be in the context of changes taking place everywhere these radical groups have no depth to absorb new ideas. Paradox of Marxian ideologue speaks of Hegel or dialectical materialism but is set on a single idea to be of any use. In South London we see how radicals end.
It happens also in cults like the People’s Temple of Indiana, USA ended in Jamestown, Guyana. In some Pentecostal cults like the Pentecostal Mission or in New Testament Churches commune living is insisted upon as the early churches  of the first Century. They brainwash their followers of holiness that mark them for Zion! But on the earth and in flesh these are servants domestic slaves doing donkey’s work without wages. In all aspects they lose out.  Invisible handcuffs make the brothers and sister live without access to medicine. The Mission insists they live on faith but it will not stand the test of scrutiny. Domestic slavery thrives still.  (cf: cults-wolves in sheep clothes)


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A Fable :What Price Grace? ©
One pastor having misled his flock by heretical teaching wanted to put a stop to it. Not from any sense of guilt but he had made millions and besides was diagnosed with terminal cancer. He had made people believe white was black,- that in his case was making God pass for the Angel of Disobedience. Now in his battle with cancer all his illgotten gains went into his physician’s fees and the undertaker’s bill.
Before he died he had utmost satisfaction that he made peace with God. Only that he didn’t specify exactly who heard his confesson or pardoned his wicked life. God or Devil?
When angels came to the throne of God the Ancient of the Days said, ‘He made peace with me or I forgave his foolishness from the day he climbed the pulpit.’
Angels read out his life and his work and said the dead man’s flock was still going strong and was perverting his Word. Angel Gabriel was certain that the megachurch of the late pastor was still a Coven of Wickedness. ‘O Lord God you only have the dead carcass. The soul of the dead is still waxing eloquent.’
God called Satan and said, ‘You have your man. Do what you will.’
God who had forgiven was the god of the living so He set things in motion to clean up the Church.

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Place:in the spirit world

Phantoms in white are floating around and two among them discuss about a coming event.
Angel #1:The Venerable in Years have at last agreed to attend the show. Do we kick our heels high and present a dance routine?
Angel #2: we have past the age of levity. We have no ears to trick us; nor have we a heart to admire nimble footed chorus line.
The angel who is rather new to the world feels rather embarrassed and asks, “OK I spoke out of turn. You are rather familiar with what the Old Man likes.”(At this moment a horde of specters like voice of great thunder gravitate to them.)
In unison, “ Here we have a showstopper ,a new song parts written for four beasts.”
Angel #1: “Four beasts?”
“The chorus:”yes, the lion, I roar;you be the eagle”
Angel #2 ‘”yes I have talons”
Angel#1 you mean talent. Is it not?”
Angel#2: Don’t be a square. Don’t be too literal.
Angel #3 “ I play the part of the ox.”
Angel#1 ( brightly) It is a hoax then.
One angel buts in, “I play the part of man.”
(The crowd disperses in merriment. It is obvious the coming event has made them all livelier.Angel#2 also follows them asking the Angel#1 to come and enjoy the show.)
Angel #1 spots a mount with a lamb on it.
(aside) Mt. Sion.
A voice, ‘What did you say?’
Angel#1 ‘ Who are you?’
The voice: John of Patmos
Angel#1: ‘The show isn’t meant for you. Go back to your devotion,if that makes you feel better.
Angel#1 catches up with Angel#2 and asks in whisper,”Who are these an hundred forty and four thousand each having a symbol  stuck on their foreheads?
Angel#2: These are cues for a quiz show.(points to the four beasts)
Angel#1 ‘What do they represent?’
Angel#2 ‘since we are not the ones to guess, I will tell you. They represent Ezekiel. You know your Bible. Don’t you?’
Angel #1,’Oh Ezekiel’s vision by the river Chebar.’
Angel#2:’Right-o’ These 144000 are words from the Bible that we have not fully understood. They are going to tell us what they represent.
Angel#1‘Oh I see. I always had difficulty to digest the verse Mt 5:29-30
Angel#2: “Are you going to see with your eyes or with your inner eye?
Angel#1 with a laugh,”You know well we have no physical eyes but inner eye.”
Angel#1( in serious vein) Then I don’t have to be concerned. Come the show has begun.
Meanwhile St.John the Divine furiously scratches in a scroll:’And I looked, and lo, a Lamb stood on the Mount Sion….’(rev:14:1)

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Not long ago a Russian Jew who could finally immigrate to Israel made a starting discovery. He averred that all the hallowed names of Talmud teachers were encoded in the Torah. It made a ripple I think until some one demonstrated from a page picked at random out of a novel the name of late princess Di. He made up the name in step code from letters of each line. The trick was in knowing what to make. In this fashion one may with equal felicity pick out Lucifer or devil from any page in the Holy Book.  The question is this: is it worth the trouble?
In somewhat cavalier fashion we make doctrines out of text and attach great importance sentences taken out of context. Many cults would have no leg to stand on if it weren’t so. The ‘Mad Monk of Russia’ yes that one and only incomparable Rasputin indulged in orgies because of a Pauline verse, ‘Shall we continue in sin, that grace may abound?’(Rom 6:1) Only that he conveniently skipped the verse that followed the quote. He was always for grace flowing as if from a tap.
On the other hand there is another sect equally pernicious and narrower in their outlook.
In my time I have seen the rascally lot who call themselves Pentecostalists. They dress themselves in white, deny themselves (at least for public consumption) of man’s art such as medicine, TV or cinema. They have a form of godliness but they are as with any cults, ravening wolves. (I speak this from my direct experience.)
There are no two opinions as to the driving engine of two Covenants that make up the Bible. One is squarely based on Works while the New Covenant that replaced the old is solely dependant on Grace. Then mixing them both is straight from the devil’s kitchen. Remember the parable of wheat and the tares (Mt.13). While we do our apprenticeship here and now we do so as human beings. I am a humanist first and then a Christian (in the sense of belonging to a particular faith). The relevance of grace only applies to our flesh: we do our best humanly possible and where our weaknesses have made this less than adequate grace of God takes over.
In short if we cannot be faithful to what God has given our body and a rational mind, to know the difference between good and evil, we are like salt that has lost its savor.

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