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Continuing from where I left off, regarding China’s basic medical  insurance system covers more than 1 billion of the country’s 1.3 billion population. This is on the basis of the report issued by the Ministry of Health.( Xinhua)

The State Council has promised the country would increase the basic medical insurance coverage to at least 90% by 2011.

Having corrected my figures given earlier let me add that China is a state of mind. During the Cold War  we read of a bamboo curtain something similar to the Churchillian Iron Curtain. Such curtains are often figments of our own fear. China has always been misunderstood  and  even vilified for the simple reason that the West found it ‘inscrutable’. We are all on a slowboat as far as anything strange and exotic land is considered. We do not take pains to understand what seems alien or different from the accepted norms. For paddles we use mistrust and hackneyed prejudices. Like the fable  we are hares hiding behind a false sense of  superiority. China has lot to to teach the world as it has much to learn from others.


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