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A freed Bosnian slave was appointed the Wali of Damascus. The Port of Acre came under the jurisdiction of this Bosnian who ruled as Pasha Ahmad-al Jassar. He was cruel and also very unjust. The picture shows him counting beads while a condemned man kneels before him. Ordinary punishment was gouging out eyes of anyone that displeased him. On his left is Haim Farhi, a Jew who was retained by the Pasha as his financial adviser. Once he sent the Jew to purchase some merchandise for him. On his return the ruler suspected he was defrauded and ordered his right eye put out. Tip of his nose also was cut off. Later on finding that Farhi was honest he heaped on him many presents and gave back his former position and took him back into his trust. Till his death in 1804 Farhi remained in his service and thereafter served Suleiman Pasha formerly Jazzar’s deputy.( Ack:color plate from the Jews in their land)

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