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(This note on Multiverse accompanies the sketch posted earlier in the day.b)

Think of tree of life where every species is part and parcel of it. Species sometimes do not make it. Darwinian Natural Selection gives some chance to perpetuate genetic push through their off-springs much longer than others. Trees shed leaves as species die out. Stars die and give birth to another. Such changes are natural any where in the multiverse.
What interests me is the space where such changes take place. Multiverse like a tree has dug its roots deep into Cosmos has its abstract part. Life and death of stars go on endlessly in the back drop of the eternal aspect of Intelligence. The same space that uphold multiverse is in the micro cosmos that keeps atoms apart. The same space therefore is right through in our being. We are held together by same laws that uphold multiverse.
How well we preserve our intelligence or exercise power? Power that allows new universes to be created or die in order to create yet new universes work with  us. However so little of that that we exercise for good proclaim the same Power and Intelligence that is without.


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This Russian scientist came to the U.S. as a student and chose to remain there when the spurious environmental doctrines of Lysanko became the communist dogma under the Stalin’s regime. He began his research on the fruit fly ‘Drosophila’ but soon became interested in the evolution of human populations. This led him to a study of race and later to the attempt ‘to understand mankind as a product of evolution and as an evolving whole’. In 1959 he was invited to deliver the Silliman lectures at the Columbia University, which formed the basis of ‘Mankind Evolving’. He stressed that the most important point of Darwin’s evolutionary theory had been missed – man not only has evolved but is still evolving. He argued that man, by changing the world, changed also himself both culturally and physically. He saw in this the hope that changes resulting from knowledge could also be directed by knowledge. ‘Evolution need no longer be a destiny imposed from without. It may concievably be controlled by man’. He is best known for works such as Genetic diversity and Human Equality and Heredity and the Nature of Man. His ‘Mankind Evolving’ has been dubbed the most judicious scientific treatis ever written on the nature of man.


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Oneness of Things each life form expresses in so many ways. It  is a biological imperative in one sense.

Every species follows a core idea: thus species of a bird living in a secure environment with no known predator around consider wings are an unnecessary appendage. It is an idea. Dodo was such a bird found in the forests of Mauritius east of Madagascar. Raphus culcullatus was a pigeon-like bird known to weigh some 17 kilograms and the last bird became extinct in late 1600. First sighted by Dutch sailors the species in a matter of 174 years died out. Unfortunately the Portuguese seamen who made their landfall upon this remote island found the meat a delicacy. It is often said they were responsible for their untimely demise. Really? These ponderous and wingless birds were in the habit of laying eggs on the surface: and it had much to do with their undoing. Yes, the Portuguese sailors hunted them for their meat. But rats, monkeys and pigs brought by sailors and left behind did the rest. Extinction was a foregone conclusion with so many accidents adding up.
To sum: in islands where no threat of predators exists life forms thrive and tend to be bigger. Dodo needed no wings.  Nature plays a role in giving species certain directions in their evolution; also would nature of man in either destroying them or preserving them. Did Oneness of Things have a role to play in their extinction? I do not think so.  Evenso fall of sparrow and of man do make an entry in the collective consciouness of life.

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Western democracy drew muscle from Greek model while Adolph Hitler was much impressed with Spartan model and it led him to a totalitarian form of government. Inspiration from ancient history or from social malaise of the day leads man to seize control. Or think of a prophet who sees visions of Zion and takes control of the state. His mission is to form a theocratic state but ensures his authority by fire and sword. Isn’t such mad prophet also working under inspiration?

Think of Oneness of Things as Truth, a constant. God is Truth while inspiration is the office of Holy Spirit. The man who wants to take control and impose his will over others is working with love. I mean love of power. It doesn’t matter if it is for good or bad.  Love and inspiration of life forms do two things: changeability of  circumstances give every man an opportunity to test his love and the spirit that animates him. It also is Nature’s way of equipping species with survival skills. Species who make a niche in the rain forests draw from experience, and their survival in micro climate under inspiration describe Darwin’s theory. Natural selection it is called.

Tailspin:Truth, Inspiration and Love signify Trinity in secular vocabulary.


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