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Mulla Nasruddin was on his way to attend a feast. It was given by one of the richest man in that town. He was a Slum Lord who knew ways to corner properties almost for nothing. He created fire flaring in some Poor Quarters and lo and behold the property was his for a pittance while the poor moved elsewhere unaware what hit them. They said it was destiny that they had no way of preventing. Amir Mehboob Khan no wonder was so rich he could thank providence for making him very wealthy.
One day he gave a feast to the locals since he was planning to go on Hajj and wanted to strike the right note with his Maker.
Mulla Nasruddin who had no interest in judging persons on hearsay and gossip took the invitation seriously. Providence made the Amir open his hand of hospitality and he was happy to share it. On the way he met a beggar who was a hunchback and was avoided by all good folks as a bad omen.
The Mulla said Providence was going to give him a good meal. Yousef Alli the beggar instantly was all for providence lining his pockets as well as filling his stomach.
The host was happy to receive the mulla and he happily waved the beggar to go right where other folks were sitting for a free meal. The beggar could not believe his eyes. There were so many in their finery and there was his meal spread out for his enjoyment. Having claimed his spot the fellow went about touching each guest for alms. He never thought of fellow guests but providence that presented a one-in-a million opportunity.
At the end of the day Mulla saw the beggar in a frightful bad mood. He chided the Mulla for bringing him to a feast given by a slum lord. ‘He was no Providence but a blood-sucker and worse than a kaffir’.
‘But he asked you to sit down to feast. Didn’t he?’
The beggar narrated how his portion was snatched by some bird while his head was turned.
‘Providence can only lead a donkey to water but not make her drink.’
‘No Mulla it is my destiny that only I, of all the hundreds, had to go without a free meal.’
Destiny is when you explain Providence only from a narrow subjective point of view, skipping many telltale details that are equally relevant.( see also the Mulla Nasruddin Stories-11 in comic strip format.)

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