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A Rounded Life

Life is a bowl of salad I am told:
Fresh lettuce, sprouts and carrots raw
Or diced,- a healthy diet is eaten cold;
Whoever has his moral sense in his maw
Life so simple as some fads observed
For a vegan will do.

Doesn’t there a spirit in roots
That guides the oak to fill out in size,-
No tender greens put out their shoots
In its shade; expedient spirit of oaks
Spells death for some but gives its force
Freely to great many.

Moral sense is at the heart,- all enveloping
Spirit that gives life its shine and fullness.
Life can only be held and enriched by life.




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Unlearn Memory

I know not where this winding road would end;
Some wayfarer’s sure sense of the road
Had this sea of green part in twain.

I know not how this flight of clouds would end:
In tears or in peace made up? It matters
Not if some good came out of rain.

I know not where our best selves would end:
Some for coinage exchanged; ideals unseen
Took wings while we held to bullion?

I know not if life did with death end:
What is mortal, in tatters we lay aside;
Press on ad infinitum with what remain?


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