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Agnes Dei

When God breathed into the nostrils of man something happened to him. He became a living soul. His will came into an active mode. Thoughts, action and emotions that engaged him was not something that was mechanical; but instead it could take flights of fancy. Love for instance. Looking at other creatures (that came into being as a result of an expression of divine Will) man saw they were fine in their own right but nothing was a substitute for woman. Being a living soul his love had to be narrowed down to something that spoke to his soul. It was man’s exercise of his will.
Whereas the Will of God was of another kind. His love made every creature submit to his Will, man and beasts of the field alike. Lamb of God is an imagery that God the Son has used to instruct the man. Holy Spirit in making the lamb a symbol teaches universality of divine love and a particular characteristic man associated with lamb: innocence.
Will of man has his limits but that of God all encompassing.

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Angel Abdiel conducted the seraph to the Gates of Paradise and knocked. Gabriel who manned the Gates wanted to know why the seraph from Pandemonium was there. Abdiel said,’ He is from Pandemonium but he has had a change of heart.’
Abdiel was sure that a look at God, the father would convince him the error of his ways. Gabriel let him in.
Abdiel flew in followed close at heels by the seraph. They went round and round and in the end the seraph asked: ‘Where is God whose image we worship in Pandemonium?’
Abdiel said,’ Why his image?’
‘Man is made in his image. So is written. So he must have an image.’ The Angel replied, ‘You must be really fom Pandemonium. So many sects each interpreting the Word after his fashion can be dizzying. I can understand that.’ But Abdiel was sure that he got it all wrong.
He explained man was created in the nature of God. The seraph shook his head violently as though it were a preposterous suggestion. Abdiel tried another tack. ‘The will of man,- from where did he get that?’
‘You mean man was created in the image of divine Will?
‘Of course.’
But then man was expelled from God?’
‘Why not?’ Abdiel asked,’ Adam thought his will was greater than that of God?
The seraph fell silent. Then it dawned on him and he asked, ‘So Paradise is only for those who remain within his Will?
In the end seraph asked timidly,’ Can I remain then here?’
Abdiel turned to him and fixed his eyes on him. He said,’You really mean it?’
At that there was a whirlwind and it became a light breeze. Abdiel whispered ,’There is the Lamb slain before the foundation of the worlds,- with the book of Life.’ The seraph didn’t know what was going on. He saw nothing.Neither the lamb or Son of man but the luminous outline of a scroll in which he saw his own name. His own name!
‘I see my own name!’ He asked in a bustle, ‘when was this written?’
Abdiel said casually,’Before the worlds began. It was in the will of God, you know.’
Seraph felt a thrill:’So my coming here was determined even before we set out?’
‘Sure.’ Abdiel said,’You coming to see him was,- what shall I say, placing your will subordinate to his.’
‘So the divine Will would have no one perish?’
Angel Abdiel didn’t answer, There was plenty of time for seraph to understand mysteries of divine Will.
Tailpiece: For God Time and Space signifies not in the sense these concepts mean to us. If he were subject to these he would not be Immortal or Omnipresent. Wisdom and Power is the essence of his Will. He willed it and heavens and the earth came into being. Man calls it the Big Bang, Evolution and so on.
‘ ‘

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Anatomy of a Prayer©

Mrs. Gladys comes home with a package tied with pink ribbon.

She lays it carefully hidden from her daughter. She is a single mother whose life is arranged about her daughter on whom she hopes much. While waiting for her to come home she has time to finish her chores for the day. After setting the table for two she kneels down in prayer. This time her prayer takes a keen and urgent tone. The reason she has bought with a dollar she could spare a ticket.

She prays devoutly. Angel of peace hears it and addresses Father of Time,’O Father hear her prayer.’

She prays,’Please Lord I have paid my last dollar for a ticket. Let it win the lottery. A million I could do for her future. So she may bring glory to Your matchless name.’ The angel once again approached the Ancient of Days saying,’Think she could further your will on the earth. Grant her wishes.”

God answered,’I have set the O’Reilly the beggar to win the prize. ‘ The angel was sure that the lottery would only hasten his end’. ‘Do not speak of things before time. His free will must abide with my will. ‘ God refused to answer her prayer.

Later the angel reported the disaster that came on O’Reilly as a result of his winning.’

Before the angel could speak something ill of Majesty God corrected him and the angel knew that it was his free will and not God”s Will was at fault.

Angel of Peace in a flash saw the events that were set before the worlds began into which His Will had entered every gap, space and fields of action where His Will let events take their course but also kept his Majesty in wisdom and Power intact.

Still the angel had a doubt. He asked,’Mrs Gladys prayed earnestly for a million, a measly million to you, but would have changed her life completly. How did you set her mind at rest?’

Not in a way you would have foreseen. That is for sure,’ God answered.

Mrs. Gladys with trembling hand opens the paper to check whether her ticket won the sweepstakes or not.’Oh no!’ she has wasted one dollar. But somehow bravely she assures God would take care of her and her daughter.

Before hitting the bed she reads as was her practice the Bible. The promise,’My Grace is sufficient for thee,’ somehow gives her an extra power. She had read the line often but that night the promise takes something of a personal bond. Next morning  she dismisses the idea of instant riches as something not worthy of her.

She herself explains her foolish notion of lottery as a solution to her problems thus ‘Granting me one million because I prayed would have meant for God  taking back His Will for a trifle.’

She also realized if God wished, had million ways of granting her prayer than a lottery win.’How foolish to think lottery as my salvation?’

Mrs. Gladys that evening gave a new change of dress for her daughter. It was her present before she went to study medicine in the University of Dublin. Because He knew what was the burden of Mrs. Gladys he preserved her daughter while terrorists struck at random. The Catholics rained death and the Protestants did all they could. While the country went mad with hatred, Glady’s daughter kept her head, treating the wounded and helping both sick and the helpless. She didn’t make millions either for for herself or for her mother. Mrs. Gladys worked for her living that she could without much difficulty. Her life was ordinary but she had a sneaking suspicion that her life was on a higher ground. Simple questions of living, -paying rent, clothes to be purchased, groceries to be had weekly and how to handle her workplace and neighbors were vital but in discharging her obligations to herself and others she saw God’s loving Hand. It was as though in her lowly station of life He himself came down to give a hand. She could experience in the mundane the Highest: for God indeed was her support and comfort.

Glady’s daughter worked her art healing and comforting as long as she could. She was well into her work neck deep,- too much involved in her service, to ask herself if she were happy or not.

Prayers are not answered in the way you plan, but prayers are the means to taste His goodness on everyday basis. Right kind of prayer shall  make you experience His presence even when you have hit the low.

Those who pray merely for things shall only see things when their prayers bring desired results. His glory shall only be seen by those who wait for His mercy and Lovingkindness.

‘Let thy Will be done on earth as it is in heaven..’ Do we really mean what we pray every day? Or are we merely giving  lip service to God?


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