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God turns you from one feeling to another and teaches you by means of opposites, so that you will have two wings to fly – not one. ~Rumi

Wide awake to commune with Thee

I know dreams are real:

While asleep

My poor husk of  desires all bound in

A shroud of  ever present:

One curls around pillows and the world

Is tossed between day and night.

(No winding sheets can hold

dreams that seek their level.)

Oh God is it a dream imagined

Or the Now in  her finery

Set out to deceive?

One is a dream too real for this hollow globe

On which fate must decide one way or other.

The other is a gleam that must shimmer or

grow dim with each hour lost in

a dust storm that has strayed from its appointed path.

Athwart awake and asleep

Feeling or thought over

Which state is real or false?





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Dream within Another Dream ©

Vishnu the Arbiter of Cosmic Order was once taking ease on a lotus and he was sure he would keep himself light as a breath so as not to be a burden.
He dozed off and was disturbed by a bumble bee. He created a lotus just as the one he was resting and shooed it to drink from the new. He dozed off but he was once again woken up. The same bumble bee and the bee was in no mood to palaver. Vishnu became irritated and said, ‘go to the blazes.’ The bumble bee just ended in smoke.
Well Lord Vishnu slept soundly and after eons of time he was called to determine a case between a bumble bee and the lotus. His jaw dropped to see that the bumble bee was none another than the one he had incinerated. He turned around to see the other plaintiff. The lotus that he had created out of thin air was there. And looking rather peeved.
As Keeper of the comic order he had no choice but to get on with the case. He asked the Bumble Bee to produce his witness. Who takes the witness stand but Lord Shiva? The Lord of Destruction said it was true that it was his third eye that did the deed.
Visnu looked sternly and asked , ‘ who passed the order to kill the bee?’
Lord Shiva said, ‘You gave the order milord! In a dream!’ The god of Destruction upon cross examination explained that Lord Vishnu was part of his dream.
It was the turn of the lotus to bring forth his complaint. The plant said that the ashes of the bumble bee made him defiled for eternity.
But Lord Vishnu reasoned that the lotus could not have a reason for complaining since it was he who created out of nothing.
‘You are wrong,’ Lord Brahma said, ‘ you were in my dream and it was I created the plant because you insisted on it. ’
Transmigration of souls would make every blade of grass, rock, bumble bee or man as a dream within dream of another. It can go on ad infinitum.

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Half-Half was forever on the move. Neither the swamp or the arid desert stopped him or his wanderlust. If he had felt at home in the rainforests of Amazon he was not going to be put off by Kalgoorlie. It was not much of a place unless you looked for gold. At one point in his life he found himself in Western Australia without a cent to his name; not even a nuggget in his pocket he could call as his own while gold dust was blowing all across the land. Such a gold fever had hit all.
So he found employment at the Store. There was a board which said The Big Squeeze. It was run by Big Mally a mole with horrendous manners that grew more and more with each day. For he collected gold nuggets and his lucky streak was phenomenal.
From day one Half-Half knew where he stood. Big O’ Molloy didn’t like toads. Especially when they made jokes at the work place. Half-Half was guilty of making a bad joke on the first day. Since then he knew Big Mally was out to get him. Well Half-Half knew he had to take the heat and keep standing till he found another employment.
On the first day he was minding the store. Some water-rats who brought in gold dust in sacks into the store saw something strange. ‘So here is a newcomer, a toad’. They did not like to deal with strangers. But they had a job to do.
One water-rat, Casey as he called himself, was suspicious at the toad who kept his feet still on the counter. The newcomer was carefully poring over the classified advertisements. Fred and Casey stood still while the toad tore off bits of paper here and there as if he intended to go over them again at leisure. Fred peeked over the wilting newspaper, while Casey beat a tattoo over the counter. “We have a job to do,” said Fred on catching his eye. Half-Half barely looking up from his search snapped back, ” You don’t say!” He folded the paper and laid aside. Still reclining he said, ”Shoot!” They stated the purpose of their visit.
“So you are regulars here?” Half-Half asked taking out an apple. While he groped in his pocket for a pocket knife Fred the water-rat let it be known that their time was valuable.
“So is mine!” Half-Half responded still reclining in his swivel chair,”Are you sure you have come to the right place?”
“We’ve been asked to bring the stuff to The Big Squeeze. That is what we did.” Fred spoke.
“The Board says The Big Squeeze.” Casey was certain.
“Have you heard this joke, of two pips who went in search of work? They were hired for the day and at the end of the day they went to the manager to collect their wages. one said, ” Come sir, a big squeeze with your cash box. You shalln’t hear us squeak!”
The water-rats smiled politely. Half-Half continued. “With a name like that does Big Mally expect custom? If I had an iota of sense I would take my gold elsewhere.”
“Big Mally thought up the name. So why bother?” Casey  challenged. He shrugged his shoulder as if to indicate, ’Yes it is his funeral.’
An uneasy silence.
Fred complimented him for his black hair which he observed must require careful grooming every day.
Half-Half instantly became interested. “To tell the truth I am rather proud of my hair. Hundred strokes every night. Two strokes less my hair would curl up into knots.”The water- rats were almost backing off. But Half-Half was only getting started. So he quickly got up to buttonhole Fred. He confided,” Before I set off for work a pat of peanut butter I apply as sure as blowing my nose. See how sleek my hair is! And pitch black too.” Half- Half suddenly applied brakes on his monologue.
Quickly getting down to the business of weighing gold and paying for dust with money kept in the strong box was easy. Those two water-rats collected the money and went out without even a word. Half-Half went back to eat his apple. At the end of the day he had to agree his first day wasn’t bad at all. He was alone and he could manage it to his satisfaction.
Each day he became adept in his tasks except an uncomfortable feeling his boss was watching his every move.
One evening he locked the safe for the day. He realized something was amiss. His colleagues who did not have much to do with him were waiting on the verandah. They were uneasy and they glanced at Big Mally every now and then. Half-Half could not care less. He handed the key to the boss and would have gone but he was instantly hemmed in by his colleagues. They were waiting for Big Mally he knew.
Big Mally came by and by. He stepped in and trode on his foot,”If I stepped on your corns, consider it as deliberate, Master Toad.”
“Half-Half is the name.”
“So it is.”Big Mally exclaimed with a mock hilarity,”You mean in the sense, Half honest and half crooked?” Half-Half chose not to reply.
After a moment of silence which seemed like ages his boss asked others,”Doesn’t his hair look kind of weird?
One said,”Color is all wrong!”
“What about it?”
“His hair is all black when he comes in but when he leaves it is all gone.”
“Really?” Big Mally asked,”Gone where?”
“His hair turns gold.”
“Is that some miracle?”Big Mally asked Half-Half,”Or something in that peanut butter which colors your hair?”
“Gold, Gold, Gold!” his tormentors chanted and Half-Half knew his game was up. So he said,”It was a mistake, honest!”
Big Mally the mole shook himself in laughter,”If his honest mistake made his hair golden what shall we find in his waistcoat? Have you noticed his waistcoat with its false linings and so many pockets?” The big fellow was about to rip him apart but Half-Half just cringed to say, ”Agreed I am crooked. But not as crooked as your weighing machine!” Before his enraged boss could lay a finger he croaked,”help!” He screamed,”Help!”
“Wake up,wake up!”
He woke up to find he had fallen from his bed and his wife looking at him perplexed.
“Oh dear,”Half-Half pleaded, ”Are we still in Calgoorlie? Say that also is only a dream!”


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