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People speak of ego as if they haven’t decided if it were a curse or blessing.
I know my ego is my trump card. It fits me like a glove.
My ego and I are twins, Gemini you know what I mean? The day I came into the world I gave my mom a gift coupon for choosing me and sent my pop, a card in appreciation that his tastes were impeccable. Since then I had to revise my opinion. Imagine he wanted to spank me for sucking my thumb! My thumb!
When I went to school I gave back the dunce cap to the teacher saying my head is expanding one inch a second so only an elastic self adjustable cap will do. I am very fastidious that in a fancy restaurant I peck at peas and say sorry to potato mash. At the end I send the mash back telling the waiter to give it an iron tight alibi before the garbage can. I refuse to handle money so I tell the waiter to consider himself paid for the privilege of catching my eye.
I don’t gamble because I hate to act on anything coming from the horse’s mouth.
Not even gods can live on a dollar but I can. My ego is so vast that I have written IOU in the sky. Of course the firm that chartered their plane to write it is not paid, naturally. It is tied up with the IOU.
I don’t play fast and loose but I know which side of my bread is buttered. The fly that got stuck is the buttered side and my stomach when it rumbles I know which side gonna be loose.
Whenever thunder is heard, I know the choir of angels are tuning up for my entertainment.
An ego that can bring up angels for your entertainment is unbeatable.
I rest my case.
benny ( This post would not have been written but for a delightful post from nezza@hella sydney. I began writing a comment and I got carried away.b. )


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