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Boredom is the enemy #1 to every serious occupation in life. A story which concerns St. John, a favorite disciple of Jesus is that he was once seen sporting with a tame partridge, by an archer who thought that the holy man should not waste his time in such frivolities; The apostle replied that if the archer did not at times relax his bow, it would lose spring.
Can there be time out for holiness? For a saint like St. Francis even frivolities shall prove his human quality in its naturalness. Addressing the sun as Brother Sun or the birds the revered figure of Assissi proved his time out was in fitness of God’s kingdom. The hand that wounds a man of God is an occasion for him to show his essence. He may dismiss it as natural of being among men of all persuasions and quality. For him forgiving comes easier because he is not only thinking of himself but also of another. Tyrants at home demand service and not understand those who serve also have sometimes difficulties in meeting their demands. They have simply forgotten others since they are full of themselves. Those who slash and burn rain forests do so because they want to aggrandize themselves at the expense of others. How can such fellows call themselves as human or decent?

The great Caesar as Plutarch tells us, on one occasion sought shelter under the roof of a rustic shepherd. At dinner time the meal cooked in rancid oil and served to him made the companion bristle with indignity. Caesar could accept the humble meal and thank him for his hospitality. Caesar proved his greatness even under straitened circumstances. He did not forget where he was and his place. He was a guest and having forced himself on another man’s hospitality knew how to behave. Like Caesar each of us is a guest here on earth.
Can there be time out for holiness? Or let us rephrase it like thus: Can there be time out from being human?
Tailpiece: there is nothing that can fix a problem like capitalism than fixing who we are and our decency to others who also have found sharing the space. None of us owns the earth. Perhaps education that we tout as cure-all is a travesty of true purpose of education. Think of damage done under initiative and free enterprise! colossal damage done by cretins in the name of bold initiative. Ptooii! Education on these fellows seems to fit the proverb:’casting pearls before swine’.

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People speak of ego as if they haven’t decided if it were a curse or blessing.
I know my ego is my trump card. It fits me like a glove.
My ego and I are twins, Gemini you know what I mean? The day I came into the world I gave my mom a gift coupon for choosing me and sent my pop, a card in appreciation that his tastes were impeccable. Since then I had to revise my opinion. Imagine he wanted to spank me for sucking my thumb! My thumb!
When I went to school I gave back the dunce cap to the teacher saying my head is expanding one inch a second so only an elastic self adjustable cap will do. I am very fastidious that in a fancy restaurant I peck at peas and say sorry to potato mash. At the end I send the mash back telling the waiter to give it an iron tight alibi before the garbage can. I refuse to handle money so I tell the waiter to consider himself paid for the privilege of catching my eye.
I don’t gamble because I hate to act on anything coming from the horse’s mouth.
Not even gods can live on a dollar but I can. My ego is so vast that I have written IOU in the sky. Of course the firm that chartered their plane to write it is not paid, naturally. It is tied up with the IOU.
I don’t play fast and loose but I know which side of my bread is buttered. The fly that got stuck is the buttered side and my stomach when it rumbles I know which side gonna be loose.
Whenever thunder is heard, I know the choir of angels are tuning up for my entertainment.
An ego that can bring up angels for your entertainment is unbeatable.
I rest my case.
benny ( This post would not have been written but for a delightful post from nezza@hella sydney. I began writing a comment and I got carried away.b. )

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If our lives are a succession of trivial pursuits how come we still hold onto our lives as though life were the most precious gift?
Let me briefly write from the life of a king. Albert I of Belgium.
Born Albert Léopold Clément Marie Meinrad in Brussels, he was the fifth child and second son of Prince Philippe, Count of Flanders, and his wife, Princess Marie of Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen. Albert grew up in the Palace of Flanders, initially as fourth in the line of succession to the Belgian throne. Under normal circumstances Albert didn’t stand ghost of a chance to sit on the throne. However, the only son of his uncle, Leopold II, died as a child, and Albert’s older brother, Prince Baudouin of Belgium, who had been subsequently prepared for the throne, also died young, Albert, at the age of 16, unexpectedly became the Heir-Presumptive to the Belgian Crown. We are connected and it gives life dimensions that are incalculable.
Life sucks and also throws surprises that none may predict. Dame J.K Rowlings was once on welfare but now with the life’s ambition fairly in her grasp with the runaway success of Harry Potter series, do you think she was meant to settle for anything less? Her difficulties were as with any other of not connecting with what life signified, on a proper footing.
Our lives are a succession of trivial pursuits and in that linear progression from one day to another there is something exponential that catapults some to higher plane. Since examples of millions of lives show such a higher ground are we not living far below our full potential?
Tailspin: In the case of the author of Harry Potter I said, ‘life’s ambition fairly in her grasp’ and let me explain. Unless she tries next her hand to produce something  better than Harry Potter what she is? A has been. Life prompts you to set still higher goals as long as you are able. We shall not have plumbed our full power till Death stops us from trying.

Ambition,- it is a fatal gift of Life.


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