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Nature has allowed two way communication whereby the user and the used benefit in a manner beneficial to both. Alas, man seems to think taking is the mark of a man on the go, while giving makes him a wimp. He takes natural resources of the earth as though he may cash them with impunity, but when severe drought stalks the land while the seasonal rains are expected, he knows it is a signal for the end times. There are things he can give to the world to his profit, and take lessons of Nature with all due humility that before laws of Nature he is of equal weight as humble bees and earthworms. 

“The co-evolution between flowers and bees has a long and beneficial history, so perhaps it’s not entirely surprising that we are still discovering today how remarkably sophisticated their communication is,” Professor Daniel Robert, from the University of Bristol team concludes after studying their interaction and the research was published in the month of February,  online edition of the journal Science.

Some of the points are as follows:

Plants are known to emit weak negatively charged electric fields, and bees acquire a positive charge of up to 200 volts as they fly through the air.

How do the bees and the plants communicate? They communicate by electric signals.

As a charged bee approaches a flower, the difference in electrical potential is not enough to produce sparks, but can be felt by the insect.

The researchers investigated the signals by placing electrodes in the stems of petunias.

They found that when a bee landed on a flower, the plant’s electrical potential changed and remained altered for several minutes.

This could be a way of letting a bee know it is landing on a flower that has already been visited and lost its nectar, the scientists speculate. Surprising fact is bumblebees also have this ability .They also can detect it from change in color.

How bees detect the fields is unknown, but the researchers suspect the electrostatic force might make their hair bristle. A similar hair-raising effect is seen when placing one’s head close to an old-style TV screen.(ack: the Guardian,21 Feb,2013)

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