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(Reuters) – The father of the man suspected of killing 26 people at a Connecticut elementary school said on Saturday he was in a “state of disbelief” and was fully cooperating with law enforcement officials investigating the massacre.
Peter Lanza, father of 20-year-old Adam Lanza, who law enforcement officials have said burst into Sandy Hook Elementary School on Friday and killed 20 children and six adults, said: “We are in a state of disbelief and trying to find whatever answers we can. We too are asking why.”
“We have cooperated fully with law enforcement and will continue to do so,” Peter Lanza said in a statement. “Like so many of you, we are saddened, but struggling to make sense of what has transpired.”

It is a pity progress has overtaken us so well that we parents are the last to know how deep in trouble are our children. Remember progress gave us a buzz word like ‘greed is good’ in the 80s. I remember another that said,’quality time.’ When I read it I said to myself,’If I am bound to my workplace by my boss I will take the advice of sociologists who are in fashion. I will take them at their word. It was quality time for me and also for the poor tax guy.
Now Peter Lanza must be wondering how did that quality time turn out to mean so little?

Poor Lanza did not ask his wife: ‘How can parental control and bonding with children be buit up in a healthy manner if we parents are not around?’ Progress was so stressful that their marriage split up.( Quality time is defined by development experts as meaningful time parents spend nurturing and teaching their children.)
Naturally pursuit of pleasure guaranteed by the Independence declaration document was so strident for the mind to register its consequences. Consequently this question lay unasked: How can Time-crunched working parents give quality time?

The human brain continues to grow rapidly for the first five years after birth. Because of our inefficient brains it takes 20 years before all the circuits are laid out and connected up. Are we not setting our children in harms way by neglecting their emotional growth? Symptom of our inability to afford progress can be explained in the buzzword ‘quality time’I mentioned above.

Progress has come to mean so much to the irresponsible that they may believe anything. Like the fool of an Emperor who put on his new clothes and made it to the catwalk of his empire. He knew style when two jackasses fitted him out with the latests trends in haute couteure. Emperor’s stlye was ‘retro’ but what does it matter? He was still the emperor. Similarly we fit out with progress without exercising our grey cells. If we are in terrible mess at least we can dismiss it of no consequence,’It is progress.’


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In the New Testament there is a parable of the Wedding Banquet(Matt22.1-14). The wedding banquet for the king’s son was open to all. But one guest despite of being provided with the wedding clothes could not be counted among those who assembled or partake the joy offered. When I think of China’s achievements I see how apt this parable is. China has emerged from bamboo curtain for what? China has great pretensions to play on the world stage. In order to be counted a major player it is ready to sacrifice everything in terms of people,morality and many qualities that make the joy of being humans. The authoritaian regime wants opposition silenced and dissidents jailed. China may stand in the international forum and preen like a peacock. Little does the silly bird know that he is devoid of all human values and looks naked, like the wedding guest who must be thrown out from the general merriment.
*Liu Xiaobo is serving a 11 year jail sentence and his wife is put under house arrest for what?  Then there are dissidents who are put away to rot in jail and only what is freely circulated are their shoddy goods, tainted milk and cough syrups that kill the innocents at home and abroad.

*Liu Xiaobo (1955-2017) was a Chinese literary critic, writer, poet, anti-communist, human rights activist and Nobel Peace Prize laureate who called for political reforms and was involved in campaigns to end Communist single-party rule. Wikipedia

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