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Basic template for the human body and brain is female.
We all start out as girls and around six to eight weeks since conception a fetus with XY develop normally into a boy: in order to do that its special cells will direct male hormones in particular testosterone, to other parts of the body to form male testes and configure the brain for masculine traits and behavior.
The Bible is clear about this: He created them male and female. But how come she has become weak vessal and a baggage subject to man’s laws? Our laws are all calculated to make her look second class. Religions also have reinterpreted the divine Will to keep her under man’s control. Recently some one in Saudi Arabia came up with a new revelation: women who are allowed to drive cars are in danger of pre-marital sex!
Religion from the manner has treated woman seems to follow this point: God proposes Prophet disposes.



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A Primer on Economic Inequality

I am Poor Joe. See my neighbor Mr.Fat  Cat.

We both are equal before Law. Isn’t that great thing about living in a free consumer society? we both are free to make money as we please.

Only that his credit is good and his million dollar home still looks grand whereas mine is foreclosed.

Recession made his personal worth drop a billion but he has still billions coming from his offshore accounts and from ends of the earth, which at the push of a button he can keep moving around. Whereas I walk from pillar to post for a handout.

We both are equal before Law. isn’t that a great thing I can go where and whenever I want?

Only that Mr. Fat Cat take his jet and I can only walk four blocks away?

Mr. Fat Cat write off his expenses while I must count nickels and dimes. He can twiddle his thumb all day and at the end of the day his interest adds up a tidy sum.  Only that I wear out my soles at the end of the day.

I look for jobs any position that are far below my qualifications.But I draw blank. Now that I have developed a permanent scowl and a hangman’s look from having nothing to do, I am in the sights of the law.  I cannot even make past the entrance gate before the law tells me to scram,’Shoo!’.

So being denied a position commensurate with my worth takes away even the basic stamp of humanity. Is this what means to be as equal with Mr.Fat Cat?


The other day Mr. Fat Cat made news. he was really none other than Bernard Madoff. I am still Poor Joe with no roof over my head. Mr. fat Cat is still lucky. He has a roof over his head and three square meals. All at Government expense.

Whereas I am still Poor Joe, living in a discarded mover’s box. I am not going any place. Why I am equal before law as the highest of the realm. Isn’t it a great thing?.


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In analyzing Representational Dispensation we see that evil men like Joseph Stalin and Adolf Hitler seem to prosper.  It may even seem they are instruments of God to be able to get away with great many wrongs. They are equated with success. Naturally one wonders where does morality come in the equation.  Evil geniuses and saviors are both on equal footing before the law. Both good and bad alike being subject to the same laws in operation we need to see morailty beyond the obvious. Those who question God or impute bad motives to Him are wrong as old Job was.

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