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Muhammad Shaheer Niazi 17 managed to produce an electric honeycomb: physicists have known the phenomenon of electric honeycomb for decades. It occurs when a layer of oil is placed in an electric field between a pointy electrode and a flat one – and the instability caused by the build up of ions applies pressure to the surface of the oil – creating a beautiful pattern that looks like a honeycomb, or a stained glass window.

The high school student from Pakistan’s city of Lahore managed to photograph the movement of ions that forms the honeycomb besides recording the heat found on the surface of oil. No one has done this before. According to Niazi, “Electric honeycomb perfectly demonstrates how everything in this universe is seeking equilibrium. Its hexagonal shape is the most stable structure.”

In this case, he says, two electrodes are used; a pointy needle on top of a flat surface with a thin layer of oil on it. High voltage from the needle makes ions bombard the surface of oil, on their way to meet the ground electrode.

“It is just like lightning striking the surface of earth,” he says. But oil is a non-conductor. The ions start accumulating on the surface of oil. As the pressure increases, they create a depression and manage to meet the ground electrode.

In the process the surface of oil loses its shape, something it does not want. So within no time, honeycomb-like hexagonal structures appear on the surface of oil.

“The amount of energy that goes in equals the energy that comes out and thus the flow of electricity is efficient. This way equilibrium is restored,”

What is the order? Nature has laws and these are established so each entity has a role and several interactions simultaneously taking place between atmosphere ocean and land create a system, carbon or oxygen cycle for example. Such equilibrium however is temporary. Exchange of energy from one medium to other similarly points out to something else.  Conservation of energy owes to the nature of energy that cannot be destroyed  or created. Thus when we speak of Order and nature serving it by so many laws we need understand there is a moral imperative implied. So many wars each waged to redress some perceived injustice  is how we explain the rationale of war. Even so the Order restoring justice in calling every individual to account is quite natural.(Ack: 


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In recognizing a person there are certain features of the person that is peculiar to the person. Gait recognition is as unique as his voice. A person’s finger print or blood group adds to his individual characteristic. Visual clues we rely for such recognition one may say is basic for a appreciating caricature. In the pre War days cartoonists had a field day using tooth brush moustache, an umbrella or a cigar that gave the reader a clue to the identity. Toothbrush moustache was the trademark of Hitler as an umbralla characterized Chamberlain. Churchill’s cigar and his baby face were as easily identifiable as the profile of Hitchcock was later.

A face may be drawn and many details of it may be left out and still one may recognize it. Suppose one goes on removing features there comes a point the face is no longer identifiable. This point where such a change occures is Point of Recognizable Limit PRL

Let us apply the same principle to economics. Equilibrium is the word.

The term equilibrium is used to suggest a state of “balance” between supply forces and demand forces. For example, an increase in supply will disrupt the equilibrium, leading to lower prices. Eventually, a new equilibrium will be attained in most markets. Then, there will be no change in price or the amount of output bought and sold — until there is an exogenous(1) shift in supply or demand.

Not all economic equilibria are stable. if a movement out of supply/demand equilibrium leads to an excess supply (glut) that induces price declines till the quantity demanded equals the quantity supplied.

(1)Exogeny:a change in consumer tastes or preferences works from outside. Dress from animal skins, fur for example alligator shoes may go out of fashion since people are conscious of conservation, ethical living.Naturally it shall lead also changes within(endogenous) till equilibrium price is arrived.


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