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One microgram of table salt is not as simple as it appears. It holds such complexity that reveals the profundity of Truth in terms of material make up of our cosmos. Truth as Absolute must be constant given the circumstances are similar.

How sodium and chlorine atoms are held together determine the distinct flavor of salt. Chlorine is a deadly poison gas whereas sodium is a corrosive metal that burns upon contact with water. Truth of nature of sodium itself does not decide the taste of salt but the arrangement where each atom of sodium is held in place by chlorine and it is predetermined. It is not merely truth of material atom that negotiates with the nature of forces that come in play but Truth which governs the integrity of table salt.

Truth of nature is essence of the material form, crystal. Truth of experience is that distinct taste which one may get when used in dishes or in any other.

Truth of nature underlies forces (that hold its distinct flavor) together with truth of experience define Truth as though being evident.

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This Soul Thing

I can’t read a man by his gait;

Nor I am much for Iris by the gate

I see the eye and my blinking stare 

sees not her iris but smile;

I can’t tell least of my soul

though my very life I swear.

All that colors the world wears and

Holds promises never meant to keep

I know I must see through with Intent.

Intent is but wind unless I prove it

By deeds that speak best for me.

Only my deeds have I to discern

the verity of Soul : I swear by it.


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I am invisible for night

And If the sun seek me It is in vain-

That serves him right.

Night velvet flounces

Of feathery brightness clouds bear,

Lifted by soft breeze these know

In dribs and drabs it goes all the way

where tassels blow and tease

My throat arched beyond the moon’s passage.

You ask in such impertinent plainness

‘Why wander hither and thither

In such listless wonder, Do you?

I lean out to touch the gown

Steeped in imperious purple dye-

My gown is of such pleasure

That cannot bear the roses-

And the briar must forbear

From fancies of the drab noon-tide,  

Who else but the moonbeams wove

sequins along the field of purple , and

for my pleasure?

Touch not with words to confuse

the invisible pleasure of this union with

Living and the dying.

Where none mortal may dream


they shall know me in a roundabout way;

Look not dreamer for stars, my eyes 

nor too closely at my lashes 

the seat of seven sisters weaving a dream

It  is a lie for the curious eye.

For I am beholden neither to sun nor the moon

Beyond reproach of reason and madness

I See beyond these vile mortality:

What was, what is and What will be. 


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The ancient Chinese philosopher, Lao Tsu said,   “ Though clay may be molded into a vase, the essence of the vase is in the emptiness within it. ”
Each of us is like a vase. A vase is meant for carrying something.
We carry about us the experience of our race and a world that one may say is an inner world. But are we well acquainted with it?
Are our senses the only infallible guide we have?  Our eyes often deceive us.  Our eyes look at an object but in order to understand what we have seen our brain must process it for us. Our ears hear but, once again, requires the brain to make sense of what we heard. Our senses are merely part of something else. Our body works with our brain as one.
Our inner world is similarly connected to the world without. How large would that world be? Your guess is as good as mine.
In short the essence of each is connected: if I say it is connected to God or Truth who shall disprove me?

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