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Changing values

In a curious town like Pye-in-the Skye there are many ways to be considered ‘mad.’ Max was not an idiot but the folks thought he was a borderline case. They didn’t take kindly to those who did not live unto their expectations. Nor did they warm up to those who stuck to their guns. As soon as he learned to assemble a refrigerator he knew he wanted to sell one. Where did he go but to the North Pole and naturally the rest sighed and said, ‘Good riddance.’
He wanted to sell refrigerators to the natives.
The Inuit didn’t buy a single one and he died a very poor man. All that he left behind was some ice boxes and a technical manual.
On the other hand Dr. Faustus having made a pact with the devil became the most celebrated scholar. He knew everything that went under the Sun, which passed for knowledge. How the crowned heads and scholars alike feted him! Then came the computers that made him redundant. He died in grief. He said that a machine beat him. Yes.
The world went a-changing! Then came a thaw and ice melted. The polar caps vanished as an icicle in a furnace. The people in Nunavut learned to live with the climate changes. Then someone found the papers of ‘Mad’ Max and it was a discovery that electrified the whole region. They began to make fridges themselves and control their houses to the right temperature.
The world in their own muddling ways saw a great injustice was done to Inuit. They owed to them a great debt for destroying their old way of life. How to repay them?
Nunavut became synonymous the home of refrigerators. The world leaders came to an agreement that fridges made there could be sold worldwide duty-free. Buying fridges made in Nunavut was consistent with principles of ethical living. Inuit prospered.
Who contributed to the welfare of the world more? A fool or a scholar?


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In the previous post I mentioned that oneness of Nature allows matter to be of one susbstance. Life and material aspects of it are somewhat between and betwixt since soul is precisely that. Light can be particle as well as a wave and reality of soul in terms of reality is in direct context with Ultimate Reality. Think of it like a doughnut: it is not that hole is going to make any worse in your stomach than the bad dough. Similarly it is not how you defined your soul but how you handled your material form is the test you defined your substance.
If man does value his soul as his most precious possession will it not vary his order of priorities in the manner he approaches any situation? As a soldier the enlisted man is sent to kill one who is pointed out to you ‘enemy combatant’. In another situation a diplomat is sent out to dissemble abroad and hide the real intent of his nation and knowing he is peddling a pack of lies how does he handle it? Moral sense a man carries is a veritable minefield. In my opinion there is no simple answer as much as soul of another is not for me to direct. Every person who values his soul must arrive at the correct decision by himself.
The principle of self similarity shows nature of man directs the conformist as well as non-conformist, warmonger and the pacifist. Their actions good or bad will find similarity and it can go on posing grave risk, moral dilemma as we see at present in our midst.
How greed has taken over man’s lives cannot be said too lightly since his entire perception of his oneness with humanity or other life forms has been obliterated. He would rather denude Amazon for quick returns and his cattle for export must be given more room. The earth is sufficient for man’s needs but not for his greed. At the rate we have been exploiting the earth’s precious resources we would need two and half earths. Here also some have much more.
We hear now of ethical living. Is veganism any superior to eating meat? I do not know. I am skeptical about all fads where there seems certain idealism inherent but no susbstance. Is rubbing your nose in dirt for showing your love for god is comparable as reveling in the love of god as a babe in the arms of its mother? ( For me God is a Caring and Loving Reality. As a proof I can only prove in my care for others, all live forms included.)
Instead some sects ‘purify ‘themselves but for what? They cannot think of god except when they mutilate themselves or cry Jihad! They themselves define their gods by their stupidity. Not the other way about.
Plants are life forms too as chickens or porker. Moderation is all, sirs, in all things. (Leave the goodness of this earth for the needy too.) In our respect for life we are defining self-similarity of Nature in tokens that must in turn change even how world treats us? We are part of the same forces and add our very own. Surely?
The End

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I used to fish whenever I had a chance. I have fished in the deep sea and in the canal behind my house whenever I had leisure and boy o boy! trouts love an angler like me. When they see my angle they know I am fishing for compliments.
No fear dearies! Had I been been less queasy about scaling or gutting myself I would have. Never mind, ethical living is what the modern world has come to.
Like Marx I thought hunting elephants in my pajamas was a good idea. Had I das Kapital I could have invested in a Winchester. In these cash strapped times one has to go with the flow and not get fancy ideas of hunting. Already I have been standing in the line for five hours and the employment is hard to come by. I hunted the other day for an employer who had his heart on the right side. I found one and he was eager to hire me without even checking my resume.
I did not have the heart to take the offer. ‘The hours are killing,’ said he,’no coffee breaks or no golden handshake.’
‘O I never pause for coffee. Except when I want to breathe.’ He took out his mobile, computed the number of pauses and giving me a dirty look, he said I was too expensive for him.
‘But I am taking next to nothing for 70 hour a week’, I spluttered. He shook his head and left me on the kerb. For the first time in my life my grin fell all askew and milk of human kindness somewhat curdled. I decided,’No more bright ideas to find a job except through the proper channel’.
Here you see I am all for ethical living. No jumping the queue or catching the media moghul Rupert Murdoch with a pie.
I intend to be a slave to ethical living. But economic slavery is alive and kicking, I know from the number of fellas who have been ass-kicked from 82 St to 43 St.There they live and have not dared to get up and go.It would fit well, like in somewhat variant version of the Sleeping Beauty, waiting for an employer in a shining armor to say the magic words,’You are hired!’
Ethical living is still alive. Ethics, forget it!

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